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BREXIT WARNING: May ‘Confident’ Of WINNING Meaningful Vote


Reports have started to circulate that Treason May is becoming quietly confident of winning the Meaningful Vote on her sell-out Withdrawal Agreement. This news follows growing signs that ‘peace in our time’ has broken out between Mrs May and Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the European Reform Group, the largest Eurosceptic grouping of Tory MPs.

Rees-Mogg expressed his “confidence” in Mrs May following the failure of the motion of no confidence in her leadership of the Conservative Party despite calling for her to resign immediately after the vote. ‘Peace talks’ between the two have been widely reported and the Prime Minister is using every opportunity to hammer home the message of the need for ‘unity’ around her deal.

Although the fear of ‘No Deal’ is being emphasised as an important factor driving MP’s into supporting Mrs May, it is likely that the prospect of a second referendum is what has spooked Mr Rees-Mogg despite the likelihood of that happening being greatly diminished by Jeremy Corbyn’s indicated opposition to ending Brexit. Without the explicit backing of the Labour Party, a so-called ‘Peoples Vote’ will not command a Parliamentary majority. Corbyn would have to be deposed as Labour leader for Remoaners to have a chance of ramming a second vote through Parliament.

May’s armoury has only ever contained one weapon, scare tactics, ever since she became the leader of the Tories. Brexiteers will have to be determined in their resolve to stop the sell-out.

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