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BRITAIN’S BIGGEST CHICKEN! Labour REJECTS Prime Ministers General Election Offer



LABOUR is set to reject Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s offer of a December General Election following a meeting of his Shadow Cabinet it has been claimed.

Depite the far-left party calling for the people to have a final say on Brexit, Mr Corbyn is refusing to allow a General Election – proving he doesn’t care about the British people having a final say on Brexit.

Prime Minister Johnson threw down the gauntlet to Corbyn in a fresh bid to break the Brexit deadlock with the offer for MPs to get more time to debate his Brexit deal in return for an election on 12th of December.

Jeremy Corbyn said Labour “was not prepared to back the move until it was clear a no-deal Brexit was completely off the table.”


Credit: The Sun

Under the terms of the Fixed-Term Parliament’s Act brought in by Lib Dems during their time in a coalition with the Tories at the start of the decade, Mr Johnson requires a two-thirds or a “super majority” of MPs to call an election, meaning he needs Labour votes.

Mr Corbyn said the PM must “Take no-deal off the table and we absolutely support a general election,” he said.

This, however, would scupper Prime Minister Johnsons negotiating position.

“But no-deal must be taken off the table.” said Corbyn.

The other opposition parties, SNP, Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru, have also refused to give their backing to the Prime Minister’s plan.

A No 10 source said if MPs failed to back an election in a Commons vote on Monday, the Government would pull the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which is required to ratify the deal, altogether.



PRIME Minister Boris Johnson is seeking a General Election on December 12th according to reports, and Politicalite says that a General Election could not come soon enough.

Our dithering MPs have subverted Brexit long enough, even the speaker of the Commons has committed high treason against Her Majesty’s Government. Now is the time to put it to the people.

Our Elitist MPs claim that the ‘people’ should have the final say on the future of our relationship with the EU and what better way to give the British people the final say with a General Election.

Additional Reporting by PA

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