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Britain’s economy is BOOMING thanks to Brexit


BRITAIN’S Economy is BOOMING following our decision to leave the failing European Union according to the New York Times.

Unemployment is DOWN from 1.67m in June 2016 to 1.4m in July 2017.

Brits are spending more than ever with retail sales being up 2.9% compared to the same period in 2016.

Exports are up 10% year-on-year and it seems the Sterling crash following the vote to leave the EU has made Britain’s economy the most competitive since the late Eighties.

Manufacturing has been given a huge boost with orders climbing to their highest levels since Maggie Thatcher was in Number 10.

Just as we saw in the late Eighties following Thatcher’s free market reforms, Britain’s economic growth is SOARING at the prospect of freedom from the shackles of the Eurocrats in Brussels.

Margaret Thatcher receives standing ovation at Conservative Party Conference on
October 13, 1989. REUTERS

Trade talks have been ‘banned’ by the EU and Brussels has told Britain it cannot start Trade talks until the UK leaves the Union.

Despite this, US President – Donald Trump, has started bilateral Trade talks with the UK and promised a ‘very big, very powerful’ trade deal with the UK’ .

Britain’s trade secretary, Liam Fox – met with his American counterpart, Robert Lighthizer, in the last week to discuss the fantastic opportunities the UK will receive after we leave the EU in 2019.

Trade secretary Liam Fox

The UK and US economies are economic soulmates… we are each other’s biggest investors and over 1m Brits work for American companies, over 900k Americans work for British firms.

Globalist elites told us that Brexit would wreck our economy, they told us we would enter Recession and that the sky would fall in. – It’s now clear that those claims were 100% BULL****.

What Recession?

Brexit is actually going to turn the UK into a major global player, reaching all corners of the world and not just the EU 27.

It will be a ‘modern empire’ of mutual respect and cooperation for a brighter future.

The British Government is not only negotiating with the United States but also with China, Japan and India – some of the biggest economies in the world.

Britain is negotiating with China, the worlds second largest economy.

Remoaners claims that Britain would enter recession and face economic catastrophe have been dispelled.

Wrong side of history… Remoaners.

Britain’s economy actually GREW faster following the Brexit vote – more than the previous six months.

You may be wondering… why has this great news not been reported on the main news outlets such as the BBC? … well, that’s simple, Britain’s Mainstream Media including the BBC won’t tell you the good news despite Brexit – they are only interested in serving their elitist chums.

Roll on 2019, Roll on Brexit!

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