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COMMENT: The Forgotten Voted for Brexit and Hope, not Handouts and Dope

THE Brexit referendum and Trumps win went hand in hand in 2016, the forgotten working-class of both America and Great Britain sent a message to the elite Establishment – we wanted our countries back! and we sure will fight to keep them. 

Go into any boozer across the Brexit heartlands – they’ll tell you how much they love Trump… and how much they don’t mind Boris. They voted Brexit, and both come hand in hand.

Last night populist Conservative leader Boris Johnson won a massive landslide victory – not seen since the days of Thatcher – but this time, the Tories won in Northern heartlands – not just the south. We are all Essex men now.

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In the states the Democrats are leading a smear campaign against Trump in cahoots with the liberal media like ABC, CNN and the rest… over in Britain the Remain establishment tried at every opportunity to stop the will of the people… and Boris. The only man who wants to get “Get Brexit Done”… what was the result? They have made both right-wing entities even more popular. 

In Britain the poorest towns like Blackpool, Leigh, Bolton and Burnley turned blue – voting for the so-called ‘Evil Tories’ over their traditional Labour party – even in former mining towns the Tories won big. 

Boris made it acceptable to vote Tory – in places that Tory is a dirty word. Make no mistake this is an even bigger earthquake than the Brexit referendum – this is working-class Britain telling those that rule over us that they will not accept their votes being ignored.. they want Brexit, Hope, not handouts and more dope. 

Trumps impeachment will only do the same – it will strengthen the populist wave that is sweeping the West. 

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The people have spoken, and we mean it. 

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