DAVIS NON-RESIGNATION: The Cage With Golden Bars

I have always had alot of time for David Davis, I began my life on the political left but even then ever since I have been aware of his existence, I have [somewhat grudgingly at the time] admired him as a man I believe to be motivated by genuine conviction and a passionate belief in the justness of his cause.

It was him quitting his seat in 2008 in protest at the erosion of “British liberties” which I believe largely informed this point of view. However, that was then and this is now. How things have changed. From my point of view for the better. I wandered from place to place on the left never really comfortable, something always felt wrong and well….here I am. In the case of Mr Davis however, things have changed vastly for the worse.

Yesterday’s assorted chaos over the resignation that never was is a cry for help from a man who knows in his heart that he is caged. Sure, his cage might have golden bars, the promise of a never to be achieved Brexit, but it is all an illusion because, underneath the glisten of gold, the metal is just as constraining and unremitting as it would be if it was steel. It is no longer conjecture but objectively provable fact that this government will never lead Britain out of the EU.

For an individual, this fall would be tragic but the fact is that millions of people are in the same prison. They are the people who are supporting the Conservative Party in the hope nay expectation it will deliver Brexit. It gets worse. Groups which should know better, like Leave EU, willfully sow illusions in this fairytale adventure. In fact, they are selling discount tickets and packing them onto the bus for this joyride so tight they are like sardines. The claim by Westmonster today that Mr Davis won a great victory is frankly delusional.

At the end of the report it displays the tweet below:


And then goes onto state:

An important win for Brexit and for David Davis over May’s wishy-washy, Europhile approach to Brexit. Great news.

Really? Not according to the tweet, the ‘catch’, you displayed it isn’t. This juxtaposition of objective reality with an imagined reality in which frankly, I suspect pigs fly, is typical of the incarcerated. Unable to deal with the utter futility of their position and hopelessness of the struggle they are engaged in they create an alternate reality in which they are ‘coming out on top’.

All of which leads me back to Mr Davis. You need to break the bars of the prison. If you do so then you will set not just yourself free but also the entire country so for the sake of your own integrity which I know you still posses please reconsider and resign from this omnishambolic government now.

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