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DEMOCRACY DENIERS 2.0: Meet the 18 Labour MEPs who are trying to BLOCK Brexit

THESE are the names of Labour’s 18 TRAITOROUS MEPs who are trying to block Brexit in Brussels by siding with the EU.

These 18 Labour MEPs voted AGAINST the Governments Brexit position and sided with the EU to postpone the next phase of Brexit talks.

Lucy Anderson, London
Paul Brannen, North East England
Richard Corbett, Yorkshire and the Humber
Seb Dance, London
Neena Gill, West Midlands
Theresa Griffin, North West England
Mary Honeyball, London
John Howarth, South East England
Wajid Khan, North West England
Jude Kirton-Darling, North East England
David Martin, Scotland
Alex Mayer, East of England
Linda McAvan, Yorkshire and the Humber
Claude Moraes, London
Simon West, Midlands
Catherine Stihler, Scotland
Derek Vaughan, Wales
Julie Ward, North West England

Two other Conservative MEPs did the same and following their actions, they have had the Tory whip withdrawn, meaning they are practically ‘EXPELLED’ from the Conservative Party.

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Brexit Secretary David Davis called on Jeremy Corbyn to do the same and withdraw the whip from his traitorous MEPs, but since Davis’ request on Sunday, Jeremy Corbyn has not addressed the issue proving that The Labour Party is against the interests of Brexit voters.

Davis said: .“While I would not expect opposition political parties to agree with us all the time about the end state we seek, it is a self-evident part of the national interest to support a discussion about our future relationship with Europe. So I was disappointed that 18 Labour MEPs voted against moving the negotiations onto the next stage. Will you follow suit and take action against the MEPs from your party who voted against the best future for the UK and the EU, or is this the official position of the Labour Party?”

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