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ELECTION DE-COMMISION: Watchdog in ‘BREXIT BIAS’ row after half of board make PRO-REMAIN statements

Electoral Commision PR Event (2016)

BRITAIN’S Electoral commision is under scrutiny FOUR out of ten of its commissioners made pro-EU statements regarding the referendum.

The chairman of the Electoral Commission, John Holmes, said months after he was nominated to head the body that he “regret[s] the result of the referendum”, according to a report in The Sunday Telegraph.

John Holmes

Holmes – who was once Tony Blair’s principal private secretary – also said claimed that were the Remain campaign to have won, then Brexiteers would have “rolled out Eurosceptic nonsense again”.

Former Lib Dem MP David Howarth, who is also an Electoral Commission commissioner complained in an article published after the referendum that the vote would “bind the young”.

David Howarth

“Leave’s majority will have been reversed merely by the process of Leave voters dying and new Remain voters reaching the age of 18.” and asked if it was “morally acceptable” to invoke Article 50.

Commissioner and Former Labour MP Bridget Prentice said Blair was “spot on re Brexit” after the former PM made a speech suggesting Brexit could be overturned.

The fourth commissioner, who is a Multi-Colour Turncoat Lord John Horam, who has been a Tory, Labour and SDP MP.

Multi-Colour Turncoat John Horam

He said in July 2017: “There is great logic in what the noble Lord has just said about the possibility of a second referendum. I agree that there is a logical case for that.”

Cheif Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg and Pritti Patel MP said comments made by the four broke the watchdog’s own rules on impartiality.

Mr Rees-Mogg said: “Anyone who has called for a second referendum or made political statements on Brexit ought to recuse him or herself from any decision with regard to the referendum.”

Whilst Pritti Patel called for the commissioners to resign: “They should relinquish their positions and independent people should be brought in.”

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