EXCLUSIVE: Swansea Brexit Protest GOES AHEAD Despite Far-Left ‘Council Ban’

A PRO-BREXIT Protest in Swansea, Wales went ahead with GREAT success this Sunday, despite a far-left group lobbying Swansea Council to BAN the event, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

In April, Politicalite revealed that Swansea Council had been accused of denying Brexiteers a demo against the great Brexit Betrayal, after lobbying from a far-left group ‘Stand Up To Racism’., April 20, 2019

Dan Morgan, from the ‘Swansea for Brexit’ group told us that the request for a static demo in Swansea that took place on the 27th April was ‘denied’ by the local Welsh authority despite Wales voting to Leave with 52.5% of the vote, with Swansea, voting to exit the EU by 51.5% – despite this – Swansea Council was accused of denying the group the right to protest.

UKIP’s Neil Hamilton told Politicalite at the time: “Swansea voted 52% Leave in 2016”

“61,938 Leavers insulted as racists by loony-left. ”

“Looking forward to Labour thrashing in [the] Euro-elections.”

After our report, Swansea4Brexit said that the planned demo on the 27th April WOULD go ahead, and boy, did it.

Dan Morgan, a spokesman for Swansea4Brexit told Politicalite: “Brilliant day on Sunday, although we came under a lot of fire from you can probably guess who.”





Written By Dan Morgan

SO SATURDAY’S Brexit Protest was a success despite the constant lies being spread by the groups like Stand Up To Racism and Far Right Watch Wales, purely to scare and intimidate people.

We arrived nice an early to set up, we had loads of union jack flags and Welsh Flags. As soon as we started setting up, there were about 5 members of Stand Up To Racism pressed against their barriers screaming their usual 4 words “Racist, fascists, bigot, Nazi”. Like a scene from walking dead.

SUTR Counter-Protest

Our numbers started picking up quite rapidly and even though their event was called celebrate multicultural Swansea, they spent all their time standing on the other side of the road screaming lies. It was clear the only reason they were there. We were minding our own business and they were trying to shut us down. And we’re the fascists???

The Leftie Reach PLC (Daily Mirror-owned) Wales Online was really “Concerned” by the use of the word traitor used on a flyer handed out to the public but as we said to them, how would you describe it?.

There was a vote, we voted to leave and the very people in power whose very job it is to represent us are doing everything they can to block it, to me that’s the very definition of a traitor. Another thing we said to them regarding the word traitor was just to have a look at the flyer they handed out.

Their flyer called us all racists, fascists, Islamaphobes, they came to this conclusion instantly and without speaking to anyone organising or attending the event.

Wales online also gave examples of MP’s getting death threats, and nasty messages. They should see the messages I get and many other patriots just because we care about Brexit.

My favourite one that I received was how I should be pinned down and gutted with a bayonet. But obviously, they didn’t print this.

Our local paper printed their event as a vigil for Sri Lanka. Their event was advertised to counter us, plus… at the time they booked the event, the awful attacks in Sri Lanka hadn’t even happened. Why did the council and media not want this advertised as what it was? A counter-protest against Brexit.

This isn’t even the worst! Far Right Watch Wales put a post up including pictures from our demo and a completely separate demo from 2016.

Pictures from an event not linked at all to us or anyone there where people are holding “White Pride” banners and National Front banners.


Far Right Watch

This is a deliberate attempt by our media, council, MP’s and leftie groups to simply discredit our events and solidify their claims of our events being racist events. But it hasn’t worked, more and more people are joining and donating through crowdfunding.

Overall, the event was a big success, we had a lot of people turn up and some great speakers. Our next plans are to support Dave Simpson in his toot to leave campaign.

A For The People, By The People Report

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