EXCLUSIVE: Swansea Council BAN Pro-Brexit Demo After Far-Left Lobbying

SWANSEA Council has been accused of denying Brexiteers a demo against the great Brexit Betrayal, after lobbying from a far-left group, Politicalite can reveal.

‘Swansea for Brexit’ claims that a planned static demo in Swansea on the 27th April was ‘denied’ by the local Welsh authority.

Wales voted Leave with 52.5% of the vote, with Swansea, voting to exit the EU by 51.5% – despite this – Swansea Council has allegedly denied the group the right to protest.

Dan Morgan, a spokesman from Swansea4Brexit exclusively told Politicalite: We organised a pro-Brexit static demo in Swansea on the 27th April.”

“We informed the police and requested the venue (open-air public space) by filling out their long application form and didn’t hear anything for three days.”

“All of a sudden, Stand up to racism got wind of our event and instantly tried tarnishing it calling us all racists and fascists, standard stuff. We then had a reply from the council saying the venue had already been booked.”

“Turns out the venue was booked by stand up to racism to hold an event celebrating the fact that Swansea is a multicultural city.”

Swansea for Brexit claimed: “They have been given a stage, the lot. The couldn’t of put the request in before us because they didn’t know about the event.”

“This is just showing how the local councils are working with these people to ignore the people of Swansea who are a majority leave city.”

UKIP’s Neil Hamilton told Politicalite: “Swansea voted 52% Leave in 2016”

“61,938 Leavers insulted as racists by loony-left. Looking forward to Labour thrashing in Euro-elections.”

Swansea 4 Brexit added that the planned demo on the 27th April will go ahead, staring at around 1pm.

Politicalite contacted Swansea Council for comment but received no reply.


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