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FARAGE: Man Of The Hour Or Maker Of History?

DROVES of frustrated Leave voters have bit back at the ballot box and it seems only Nigel Farage and the newly formed Brexit Party understood the mood of the country.

Since it was formed earlier this year, more than 100,000 members are thought to have joined the Brexit Party.

Clearly, Jeremy Corbyn failed to offer voters a clear Brexit and Farage did well to speak to those who felt justly let down with Theresa May’s government’s failing to secure the UK’s exit from the EU.

The results show a clear win for The Brexit Party, yet instead of accepting this, the state broadcaster and the left are talking of a ‘win for Remain’. The Establishment STILL are not listening.

Farage celebrates a landslide victory for The Brexit Party.

So why did this happen?

It is because the Remainers, the BBC, the pro-Remain government, believed their own noise. They took the forced silence of Leave to be disinterest.

The meaning of these results is that finally the state of political play in the country is to give back a political voice to very many people who would like a proper clean break from the EU.

To argue for U.K. control of all laws and policies, immigration, expenditure and taxation, trade and foreign policy.
To ensure that the ‘once in a generation’ ‘your decision’ referendum is just that.

We have seen that Farage is more in touch with the people than most politicians. He learns. Understanding the minds of the electorate gives an advantage in politics. Other politicians might laugh at him when he’s out among their version of the riff-raff, having a pint, but he gathers valuable insight and experience.

Out on the campaign trail.

Now we can see who is laughing last.

The press bodies, the ‘left’-leaning commentariat and those commenting online, and in the Parliament, have all attempted to skew public discourse around this issue.

Nigel Farage is heavily criticised by his opponents for being a multimillionaire with an agenda. But for twenty-five years he has passionately campaigned for what he believes is right and 17.4 million people said they agreed with him.
A few politicians said they agreed then actively did the opposite. Nigel Farage says what he believes, while many others just lie.

The results make clear as day that The Brexit Party is the only sensible party that advocates a ‘proper leave’. All the others are Remain or ‘let’s pretend we’ve left’ parties.

If you hear Farage being questioned openly, he takes a lot of abuse. While others throw that abuse at him in amongst whatever point they are making, he takes it, waits for them to finish, and completely ignores that abuse while answering the question directly. Whether you agree with him or not, he doesn’t avoid what is being asked like so many other politicians.

Farage was never going to run the country, although his directness would have made him less detestable than the slimy war criminal Blair. He will never be a heavyweight in the history books, although he and his party have given us and the other parties a great deal to think about, and allowed mainstream politicians to voice their own opinions more than might have been the case otherwise.

YOUNGER YEARS: Farage in the early days of UKIP.

He has shown consistency in his views that very few other politicians can even aspire to. And that is where he really becomes disliked. Politicians change what they tell you to appease as many of us as possible in order to win their seats. Farage was different.

As the results demonstrate the electorate is getting tired of the same old, same old Establishment politics. As 17.4 million British voters know, the future of the U.K. lies outside the EU. It will thrive and prosper once the shackles are off.

As for the future of the EU, its intentions are all laid out in the Lisbon Treaty so those still stuck inside it know what’s in store – unless they make their own bids for freedom. The more nations that do – and we can see that the populations of many of them are beginning to see the EU’s true colours – the more secure their futures will be, and the less secure the future of the EU will be.

This is a time of massive political change across the Western world, and it is long overdue.

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