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RE-MOANING MILLER AT IT AGAIN: Anti-Democracy Campaigner Gina Miller DEMANDS second ref and says the will of 17.4m people is NONSENSE

SERIAL Remoaner Gina Miller branded the “will of the people” as “utter nonsense” and called for a second referendum on Brexit.

The George Soros-funded anti-Democracy campaigner told students at Cardiff University to “get radical” as she called on them to push MPs and force another Brexit referendum on the British people.

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Miller said: “They have to stop talking about this nonsensical will of the people. It is pure and utter nonsense.

“Democracy is not one day, one time, one vote and the will of the people. It is a social construct that was brought up by the far right. It is nonsense.

“The will of the people changes on a daily basis depending on the issues of the day. The will of the people is not something that is set in stone.”

She said: “It is not the will of the people that we allow politicians to lie just to be in power. To be able to deceive people just so that their party can stay in power.

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“That is not the will of the people. The will of the people is to elect politicians who will put the country before their party. That they will act with integrity and honesty.”

Moaning Miller tried to stop Article 50 being triggered by starting a legal challenge to force Parliament to vote on whether Prime Minister Theresa May could start the formal Brexit process by triggering Article 50.

Her Supreme Court fight was successful, meaning the Prime Minister had to seek the permission of MPs before kickstarting Brexit.

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