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HOPE & GLORY: Remoaners lack the Blitz spirit that Britain needs to make Brexit a success

DONALD TUSK has called Britain’s future trading relationship with the EU as a “pure illusion” and added: “ I am afraid the UK position today is based on pure illusion. It looks like the cake philosophy is still alive.”

Now Project Fear is using Tusk’s bullyboy tactics as another reason to talk down Brexit and call for the reverse of the biggest democratic vote in British history.

Just as the Luftwaffe used Terror in the Blitz, the Globalist elites are using an “Economic-Terror” rhetoric, to scare Brexiteers – nearly TWO years after the historic Brexit vote that sent the out-of-touch liberal elite into a tailspin.

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The UK Economy is “cracking up” and “things are starting to deteriorate” with “Cracks starting to appear in UK economic resilience” shouts the Guardian,

“The Brexit effect: UK economy grows at 5-year low in 2017” says stock-market crasher ABC News. 

“This Leaked Government Brexit Analysis Says The UK Will Be Worse Off In Every Scenario” BuzzFeed ‘News’ reported last month

Over on the leftist echo-chamber that is the Twittersphere, self-loathing Remainiacs are also talking down Britain, However the scarmongering is even turning off Remain voters and one Remainer is starting to see the EU’s true colours.

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Twitter user Jason Beck, Jason N Beck @beck5ter, angry with the EU’s bullyboy tactics wrote: “Donald Tusk: UK Brexit plans ‘pure illusion’ i voted to stay in the EU, but i think it is time to just say “you know what? Go fuck yourselves” trying to bully a country that not so long ago sacrificed so much for their freedom.”

In true social media age style, a self-loathing Remainiac replied “And this is EXACTLY the problem with the UK. We’re not big and important anymore. International negotiations are NOT bullying. Our gov’t COMPLETELY unrealistic. Any understanding of EU at all – saw this coming. And we didnt fight or win ww2 alone.”

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That reply to Jason’s tweet explains why Remain lost the debate on Europe.

Their argument has no courage, it has no vision or national pride and they can’t see the opportunities of a truly outward looking Global Britain, simply out of fear.

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Many commentators say Brexit is the biggest issue since World War Two. The war-time period is often used as an example by Brexiteers to explain how Brits have overcome the unthinkable.

This weekend, I watched the classic “kitchen-sink” World War Two drama “Hope and Glory” showing the bright side of the Blitz as seen by a young lad who saw the Blitz as an opportunity for adventure.

In the critically acclaimed 1987 film, the main character is a young boy called Bill, who can see a “Bright side of the Blitz”, he recognizes the opportunity and chance of adventure.

World War Two changed social attitudes in Britain, women became equal more equal to men, the class structure became insignificant with rationing and a shared wartime experience and younger generation became more sexually aware with looming death on the horizon and this vision captured my imagination.

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The film got me thinking about Britain’s courage the last time a German-led outfit tried to dominate Britain and the continent, and how we overcame the Wartime hardships.

Over 57 days and nights between 1940-1941, Britain faced down Hitler’s bombers in the skies known as the Luftwaffe. They bombed London, Coventry, Liverpool and Manchester among other places of economic significance.

During one early Blitz raid in Coventry, a German bomb came crashing into the ward of Coventry and Warwickshire Hosptial.

Dr Harry Winter, a surgeon at the time, described how the staff kept calm and carried on.

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Winter wrote: “Although we had only 440 beds, we had 275 patients when the raid started, and hundreds more were admitted during the night. New patients were put on top of the beds while the old patients sheltered underneath them.

“At 4am our emergency light failed as I was in the middle of an operation. We quickly rigged up an automatic headlamp to a battery set and I finished the job. Bombs were still crashing down and every few minutes hunks of earth and debris crashed against the brick wall outside the theatre. By this time no one even bothered to duck.”

London was bombed day and night, every night killing thousands, destroying thousands of Homes with looting and fires destroying many businesses, Residents sought shelter wherever they could find it, many in the Underground that sheltered as many as 177,000 people during the night.

In the worst single incident, 450 were killed when a bomb destroyed a school being used as an air raid shelter.

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Failing to dampen our spirits, The Blitz came to an end on May 11, 1941, when Adolf Hitler moved to invade Russia.

Many historians claim Hitler retreated due to the resolve of Britons that was hailed at the time as the “Blitz spirit”, Britain had kept calm, and carried on.

Hitler could take our homes, our businesses, our worldly belongings, but one thing he could never take was our spirit.


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He tried to starve Britain into submission and Brits dealt with rationing for over 15 years – during, and after the war.

A nation of jam-lovers survived on just 2 oz (50g) of jam per week, they were allocated just ONE egg for a seven day period, We even sacrificed our much-loved fluffy white bread for the much hated National Loaf.

Due to rationing, hundreds of newly released ‘Independent Traders’ set up shop via the Black market, within weeks of wartime rationing, enterprising Brits were selling everything from whisky to sausages at £500 a barrel.


A salesman in Cutler Street – or ‘Loot Alley’ in 1945. CREDIT: George Konig/Getty Images

 Over-priced outsourcing became was a trend and “legitimate” businessmen realised they could charge the Government pretty much what they wanted for vital services.

“The war was regarded by many businesses as a fantastic entrepreneurial opportunity,” said Professor Dick Hobbs of the London School of Economics, even in a state of war, Brits always adapt and overcome.

Nightclubs in London stayed open durning the Blitz, and a smart crowd of officers on leave and elegant women in evening dress sipped cocktails and enjoyed music as an air-raid took place.

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Sadly, one night a bomb dropped on the underground club, killing some of the wartime revellers.

Looser Women returned to the oldest profession in the books and the “Piccadilly commandoes”, plied their trade in Soho, catering to the thousands of GI’s about to depart for the front.

In one London club, one cabaret singer, actress, Florence Desmond, found humour in despair and sang: “Please don’t be mean/ Better men than you have been/ In the deepest shelter in town.” and rationing prompted the cheery ballad, “Everyone’s pinching my butter/They won’t leave my butter alone.”

Now, I’m not advising anyone to take up a life of prostitution and stolen goods to survive Project Fear’s so-called “economic doom scenario” but, even in the worst of times, Britain can adapt to suit the economic demands of the country.

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Most Brexit voters are older, with many having lived through the War, they understand real sacrifice and they understand what it is like to have your world turned upside down, Brexit Economic doom tactics won’t scare them.

Younger Brexit voters have heard Uncle Albert’s “Duwing the Wor” stories from their great-grandparents and grandparents, I certainly did, it has made surviving part our national psyche.


Our United Kingdom has sacrificed much more than an out-dated and out of touch Economic Union of 27 countries, that desires more control and more power.

Donald Tusk can try to intimidate Britain, he can call the governments Brexit plans a “pure illusion.” that is no skin of a Brexiteer’s nose, we have resolve, and we have courage.

The EU is frightened of a potentially competitive Britain and they will try to scare us in to submission, but Britain has fought for our sovereignty and our national pride.

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We will not be intimidated by some jumped-up career-politicians in a far-away foreign Parliament.

If Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombs couldn’t dampen our resolve in 1941, the EU’s scare tactics, that will fail reduce our intake of jam, will likely fail.

The EU is just a small part of our never-ending national story, and as the Ministry of Information poster read in 1940: We beat Em’ before, we will beat’em again.



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