JACKAL Jeremy Seeks To BETRAY Brexit

UNIVERSALLY hated Tory leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt has stated that his party will be committing “political suicide” if it tries to push through a no-deal Brexit, and, if elected Prime Minister, will remove the no deal option from the table.

The foreign secretary is one of 10 people seeking to replace Theresa May.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Mr Hunt says the Conservatives would be “annihilated” and “face extinction” if there was a general election before Brexit happened.

He says he has always believed that no-deal is better than no Brexit but warns that a prime minister advocating no-deal would risk losing a confidence vote in Parliament – so committing to a general election.

“Trying to deliver no deal through a general election is not a solution; it is political suicide,” he writes. It would “probably put Jeremy Corbyn in No 10 by Christmas.”

Jeremy Hunt.

Hunt has come under heavy fire for this new stance, with many leading Tories joining members of the public in criticising him for following in May’s failed footsteps and removing the one option that is guaranteed to deliver a real Brexit and force the EU to listen to British demands

He pledged to negotiate a new agreement with the EU if he wins the leadership contest; no doubt in the same fashion that his predecessor did – i.e, in the hope that he can trick British voters into remaining in all but name. 

In response, one of Mr Hunt’s rivals, Esther McVey, said “political suicide” would be not leaving the EU at the end of October, as planned.

Slammed by McVey.

McVey is another Tory who has already thrown her hat into the ring and declared her candidacy for the leadership race. The pro-Brexit choice has stated that she would prefer a no deal option over any deal that May has so far produced.

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