JUNKER tells Britain ‘Thanks for the war but now you have to pay’

JEAN CLAUDE ‘DRUNKER’ warned Britain that we will have to pay up if we want talks for a Brexit trade deal.

He also thanked Britain for the Second World War and claimed the Euro had PREVENTED other wars in Europe.

The EU Prez, often drunk before noon, took the hard-line stance as it emerged that EU leaders were considering taking the first steps towards trade and transition negotiations.

The EU is refusing to fully engage in those negotiations until it judges that “sufficient progress” has been made in the three issues of the so-called Brexit bill, Ireland and citizens’ rights.

“I am not hating the British. The Europeans have to be grateful for so many things Britain has brought to Europe, during war, before war, after war, everywhere and every time, but now they have to pay,” he said.

It has been SIXTEEN months since Britain voted to leave, and no real progress has been made on a Brexit trade deal.

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