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Little Lord Adonis vows to “Delete” the EU withdrawal Bill in the House of Lords

LITTLE Lord Adonis, the UN-ELECTED Labour Lord and opponent of Brexit has said he want’s to “delete” the Brexit bill and has called it “dreadful.”

The snivelling lord Adonis tweeted: “Spending morning drafting amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill for debate in the Lords.”

“It is such a dreadful Bill – all power to the Government, trashing our entire system of trade & international relations, I constantly want to table just one amendment: ‘DELETE ALL’!”

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The EU withdrawal bill cleared the House of Commons on Wednesday but will now head to the House of Lords where it looks set to face a difficult time.

Peers will read it for a second time on January 30 and many will want their unelected voices heard on the bill.

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LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 03: Lord Adonis delivers a speech at the ‘Policy Network Conference’ held in the Science Museum on July 3, 2014 in London, England. The conference, hosted by the Policy Network think tank, is convened under the title: ‘on how Britain can build a strong, sustainable and inclusive economy for the future’. (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

At least 82 Lords have already signed up to debate the crucial bill.

The bill could be blocked by Peers and Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned that if Peers try to block it, they will risk their own demise.

Lord Adonis is among those who plan to make a host of amendments to the bill and then Lords will vote to decide what changes should be made.

The result will be a “tug of war” between the House of Commons and the unelected House of Lords.

Theresa May’s weak Government does not have a Commons majority, so it will be harder for them to override the House of Lords.

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Lord Adonis, a staunch opponent of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU has made his feelings clear, slamming the bill for giving the Government too much power.

He even called the Brexit referendum a “dangerous populist and nationalist spasm”.

Last year, he caused a controversy by comparing Brexit to appeasing the Nazis.


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LORD Adonis said the Government had too much power, well, he needs to take a look in his own backyard

The House of Lords is an out-dated archaic system of Government and it desperately needs reform, why are these out-of-touch, overpaid ‘Lords’ allowed to over-rule the democratically elected government of the United Kingdom?

There are over 800 lords, who have never faced public election or scrutiny, Lords, also known as peers are paid £300 just for turning up.

The cost of the House of Lords is a record £93.1m, approximately equivalent to £118k per-Peer.

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If they do turn up, they’re most likely to spend the day’s debating agenda SLEEPING – even though they’re live on national television, no wonder they were so opposed to television cameras being installed in the chamber back in the late 1980s.

It’s time the Lords had a dose of public scrutiny and accountability… we simply cannot allow this outdated bunch of scroungers to hold the country to ransom, forget poor benefit scroungers, the House of Lords is the real drain on our society.



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