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LOONY LEFTIE: Bob Geldof Claims Brexit Will Mean UK Music Scene Will ‘Lose Voice’



SUPER-RICH Remoaner Bob Geldof has started an anti-Brexit campaign warning of the “Impact on the Music Industry” and has the backing of super-rich music stars who want to subvert the will of the British people, according to reports.

Geldof along with Sting, Rita Ora and Ed Sheeran have joined forces to warn Theresa May a “no-deal” Brexit will put Britain in a “cultural jail” forgetting that Britain had a vibrant music scene well before we entered the EU in the 1960s, 70s and Iconic 80s… when Geldof worked on Live Aid.

Geldof said: “It’s two-fold. One is the income it generates for this country, £94bn, contrast that to the NHS spend, of £115bn, almost the same. “This will be critically damaged.

“The second reason is cultural – the voice of Britain, the genuine, global British voice is music, it has been since the Beatles.


32 years on from Live Aid, Do-Gooder Geldof is now a multi-millionaire ‘non-dom’ trying to subvert the will of the working-class British people.

“No one knows quite why this tiny island produces such vast reservoirs of talent but we do know the entire planet dances, eats, sleeps, and plays hard to our noise.

“That is being endangered by a recklessness which is existential and historically self-damaging.”

Even though he last appeared in the Sunday Times Rich List in 2006, when his wealth was put at £35m he is still mega-rich.

He set up TV production company Planet 24 in 1992, which was responsible for Channel 4 shows such as the Big Breakfast and he sold the company to Carlton Communications in 1999, netting himself £5m.


Shortly afterwards he launched Ten Alps which among other projects devised the now-defunct £10m government-funded Teachers TV which went off the air in 2011 after the government cut its funding as part of public sector cuts.

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