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Man who sexed up the Iraq War says Britain was MISLED on Brexit

He said: “The Leave campaign was filled with disinformation and one huge falsehood”

HUNDREDS of loony bitter Remoaners marched on London on Saturday to protest Britain’s democratic decision to leave the failing European Union.

Twitter: @SebDance

Twitter: @SebDance

Organisers had hoped that thousands would attend the march, but Guido reporter Ross Kempsell tweeted a picture that the Mainstream media would never allow to be broadcast.

Twitter @RossKempsell

A spokesperson said: “From soft to hard-core Remain, from ordinary citizens to MPs, the anti-Brexit movement has one common goal – No Brexit.

“We firmly believe the UK is better off in the EU, we don’t want to see the erosion of our civil rights, and those of future generations. We will get our voices heard on the international stage.”

What the spokesman failed to say is that they are protesting the democratic decision by 52% of the British electorate – who voted for Brexit.

The political lunatic that is Alistair Campbell also gave his full backing to the march, that is the start of some weird Remoanist season called “the Autumn of discontent”.

He said: “The Leave campaign was filled with disinformation and one huge falsehood – the £350 million that was going to find its way into the NHS.

“That £350 million never existed. The people of the UK were misled.”

“Disinformation and huge falsehood”, Campbell said – very ironic since this is the man who claimed Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Anti-war protestors march past Big Ben during a demonstration against war on Iraq, February 15, 2003. Millions of people are expected to take to the streets of towns and cities across the globe on Saturday to demonstrate against a looming U.S. led war on Iraq in the biggest protests since the Vietnam war. – RTXLSIF

In 2003, THOUSANDS of people marched against the Iraq War, and those at the top of the government including Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell IGNORED that protest, just as this government will ignore his.


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