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MAYFALL: Broken Promises And Poor Government – Confidence Vote Announcement Due As Former Minister SLAMS May

It is now widely expected that Sir Graham Brady will announce later today or at the latest on Thursday that the ‘Magic 48’ number of letters expressing no confidence in Treason May have been received and a vote of no confidence in her leadership will follow next week.

The news comes as the letter sent by former Tory Minister, Owen Paterson has been released and it lays into Theresa May and her sell-out deal. Paterson says the deal is “so bad that it cannot be considered anything other than a betrayal of clear manifesto promises.”

What is more, he continues, it typifies more than two years of “poor government decisions”. More preparations should have been made, he argues, for leaving the EU on WTO terms: “It was a mistake not to begin intense preparations for leaving on WTO terms the moment the result was delivered, approaching the negotiations with a stronger hand, positioned to walk away without a deal and consequently much more likely to secure a good one.”

Further mistakes were made in choosing a career civil servant 2with no business experience”, Olly Robbins, to lead the negotiations and creating a Brexit department but keeping the Brexit Secreteries” in the dark”.  Fundamentally, though the key mistake has been one of attitude and approach, treating Brexit like a “problem to be solved”, not an “exciting opportunity to be grasped.”

Paterson rejects the Prime Ministers latest efforts to sell the deal: “Eleventh-hour “reassurances” on this issue are mere warm words if the legal text is unchanged. In any case, there is much more besides the backstop making the withdrawal agreement unacceptable. No amount of tinkering will yield a majority in parliament for this deal.”

May, in the eyes of Paterson, is a “blockage” to Britain achieving any kind of positive outcome to the negotiations. Tory MP’s must now decide her fate and ultimately the fate of the entire Brexit process as well.


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