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MRS DISMAY: PM’s Deal in CRISIS As Mass Demos Planned Over Sellout Brexit Deal

APPEASER Theresa is battling to keep her Brexit deal alive as talks in Brussels came crashing down as Brexiteers in the UK announced plans for mass demonstrations. 

UKIP, Gerard Batten and Tommy Robinson announced that there will be a mass ‘Brexit Betrayal’ Protest in London planned for Sunday 9th December, just a day before Parliament votes on the Prime Minster’s Sellout Brexit Deal.

Weak and unstable May will be forced to return to Europe after Brussels demanded MORE concessions from Britain as Spain demanded that British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar will not be part of a Brexit agreement.

May will to go back to European Commission president Jean-Claude Junker on Saturday to try and secure her divisive withdrawal agreement before an emergency EU summit scheduled for Sunday.

The Prime Minister has insisted she would press on to attempt to secure an agreement.

Mrs May said: “We have made further progress. And, as a result we have given sufficient direction to our negotiators, I hope, for them to be able to resolve the remaining issues.

“And that work will start immediately.

“I now plan to return for further meetings, including with President Juncker on Saturday to discuss how we can bring to a conclusion this process and bring it to a conclusion in the interests of all our people.”

The move came after reports from Brussels that the Sunday summit could be scrapped as rebel Tory Brexiteers announced that over 100 MPs will vote down her soft Brexit agreement.

The PM also faced a strong pushback from Spain over the status of Gibraltar in the “divorce deal”.

Sanchez said his government was “annoyed” that the divorce agreement being prepared for Britain’s exit from the European Union doesn’t specify that Gibraltar’s future must be decided directly by officials in Madrid and London.

He repeated his threat that Spain will vote against the planned agreement unless its interests are taken into account.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt warned Mrs May that her Brexit proposals risked taking the UK into a “Turkey trap”.

The Big Brexit Mess came as Tommy Robinson and UKIP teamed up for a massive pro-Brexit march against the May’s Establishment Brexit deal.

Robinson had previously announced that he was taking the lead organising a march against what he called the “biggest betrayal of a democratic vote ever” and called a march for December 1st.

The date of the event has now been changed from the 1st of December to Sunday 9th December.

Activist Danny Tommo revealed that UKIP have endorsed the event and it will be attended by Lord Pearson who sits in the House of Lords and described the event as “the beginning of a political revolution in this country.”

He said: “We have a huge amount of speakers, this will not be a quiet march, we’re gonna be making some serious noise about some serious stuff.”

He slammed the sellout Tories and attacked left-wing Labour adding: “The Labour Party is in turmoil and said, “the Tories are dead in the water.”

“Theresa May has sold us out to Europe, in fact, she is one of the Elites.”

Gerard Batten said that it is important “thousands and thousands” protest against Treason May.

The referendum victory was merely the first battle in the “war” to leave the EU, Batten said.



Parts of this article courtesy of PA 

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