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‘NO HOPE’: EU SLAMS Britain As ‘No Deal’ Inches Closer

THE SUNDAY papers are full of stories which indicate the continued parlous state of Brexit negotiations as Britain edges towards no deal. The Independent carries a story which says that the EU has “given up all hope” of a deal by October and is “working towards a December deal”.

It quotes a ‘Brussels insider’:

“There is no hope really for October now. We don’t know exactly what she is asking for yet, so how can there be?

“First the UK needs to decide what it wants, then there needs to be a discussion here and even if it is acceptable, there are processes that have to take place first before everyone agrees to move forward.”

The problem for the Prime Minister is that she is, true to her policy of appeasement, trying to make everyone, including the EU, happy all the time. Which, of course, means that hardly anyone is happy any of the time. Several papers, including the Daily Mail, report the anger of Michael Gove at being ‘pushed’ into accepting a plan under which the UK would, unbelievably for a sovereign nation, collect tariffs for the EU a plan rightly described by Jacob Rees-Mogg described as ‘madness’:

‘Why should we leave the EU only to keep tariffs that protect Spanish oranges to the disadvantage of the British consumer?’

All of this brings the prospect of a ‘no deal scenario’ much closer to being the outcome. This is the preferred option of Brexiteers who want Britain to actually reclaim some national sovereignty and since it would not incur the infamous £40bn odd it also works out considerably cheaper. Even the EU, who spent the grand total of several minutes debating Brexit at the recently concluded ‘Save Merkel’ Summit, now recognise this:

The European council renews its call upon member states, union institutions and all stakeholders to step up their work on preparedness at all levels and for all outcomes”.

Kicking the can down the road no longer works because we are now so close to the end of the actual road. It is the time for Brexiteers to keep up the pressure on the government to ensure that Britain is not held to ransom by an EU bent on revenge.

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