ILL MANORS: It’s Time We Sent Our Elitist MPs on an Urban Safari


THE POLITICAL decision of a lifetime found itself at the mercy of our Elitist MPs in the Palace of Westminster, and whilst those super-rich lawmakers sit on their perch in the Liberal garden of Remain that is London (earning £70k a year at the expense of the taxpayer) there’s a national crisis going on down in the jungle that is working-class Britain, WHY? because our MPs are failing to get Brexit done. 

As Professor Green once professed.. ‘There ain’t nothing nice round ere…’ and that’s one of the reasons the majority of Britons voted for Brexit – and the more delays that go on and the more our Elitist MPs refuse to implement what the people voted for, the angrier they become.

Maybe we need to send our 650 Parliamentarians on an Urban Safari…. just as the rapper Plan, B tried to do back when he released his single ‘Ill Manors’ in 2012. That year was a defining year for Britain. 

The 2012 London Olympics brought a sense of pride to a nation dealing with two years of Tory austerity, and that was thanks to New Labour and Wall Street Bankers who broke the economy with dodgy Mortgages. That year was also the igniting of the populist anti-European movement in Britain following Nigel Farage and UKIP winning the local Elections. Fast forward seven years – and Britain is in an even worse state politically and physically

Crime is out of control, county lines drugs gangs run our towns, pensioners are unable to heat their homes, No one with any sense dares go out at night, parents are struggling to feed their children… and what do our Elitist MPs do? They block the only thing the working-classes voted for in their masses.

Brexit was about more than the EU. It was the left behind telling the Elites that enough was enough, yet still, they refuse to put down their smoke and mirrors and deliver what we voted for.

Britain is TIRED of your games; we are FED UP of your delays. Hundreds of thousands of Brits have signed up to attend a mass protests in if Britain fails to leave the EU on the 31st October. Thousands of Politicalite readers have pledged to rise if these liars, cheats and sneaks fail to get Brexit done… and it’s about time they did.

There are more pressing problems in our nation that need addressing. Our MPs need to stop blocking Brexit… or we’ll laugh when trouble comes their way. 

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