PRIMATES: Can ANY of these Monkeys Deliver Brexit?

WE HAVE reached a stalemate in the whole Brexit debacle, primarily because Parliament and every politician within has forgotten that they are there to represent and not dictate.

The problems of our adversarial system became evident when Parliament firstly convinced itself that those who voted to Leave didn’t know what they were actually voting for. So that, after receiving the mandate from the electorate, Parliament chose to tell the people that a vote to Leave actually meant a Vote to negotiate a deal, this despite not one person putting a cross in a box marked ‘negotiate for a deal’ on their ballot paper.

The main issue began however, when after realising that they couldn’t agree on the answer to the EU question, Parliament went to the public to seek guidance. Alas, Parliament took the answer received and agreed between themselves that they would respect the vote and the wishes of the public but that they would seek to find a consensus between the two opposing sides, namely the 17.4 million who voted for Leave and the 16 million who voted for Remain. Which by default completely negated the need for the entire exercise of asking going to the public in the first place.

Theresa May appears to sleep on the job; perhaps achieving more than when she was awake.

This decision by Parliament has rendered the entire premise of the EU Referendum null and void because if they are going to ask a question, to then receive a definitive answer, to then decide to find a consensus between both sides suggests that the entire process has been for nothing. As all they have achieved by this ridiculous notion is to end up back at the starting point from where they were before deciding to ask the public, deadlocked and in a stalemate.

All of the turmoil, upset and uncertainty within our nation has been for nought and is one huge self inflicted, completely avoidable own goal by our elected officials within Parliament.

Therefore, we have to ask the question, is our entire democracy and the concept of voting now a complete waste of time or is it that our Parliament and those who inhabit it, are simply not fit for purpose and have corrupted the process for their own ends?

After all, if we had a truly representative Parliament, with members who actually represented the wishes of their electorate then we would’ve left the EU by now. I know which I believe is to be at the root of the issue.

The icon Houses of Parliament: Den of democracy, or Parliament of primates?

Amazingly, though without a hint of irony, the very same people in Parliament who have done all that they can do to thwart the result of the EU Referendum, now wish to put the question back to the electorate in a ‘People’s Vote’ stating that they will definitely honour the result this time around.

Somehow I doubt they will be true to their word because if they lose that vote then no doubt they will want another, then another, then another.

I suggest that rather than asking the people again, the people instead seek to replace every Parliamentarian who has sought to represent their own view and not that of their electorates as it’s time that these parasites were reminded that they are appointed to work for us and not for us to work for them.

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