PRO-BREXIT Legal Fundraiser Raking-In THOUSANDS

ONLINE campaigners have raised almost £15,000 so far for a Judicial review to confirm that the UK  left the European Union as of 29th March 2019 and that the Government is acting illegally in extending this period. If successful this Judicial review will mean that Brexit has occurred and that we left the EU without the Government realising.

The UK Government have cited in their defense the possible lack of funds to fight this case up to the Supreme Court as grounds for dismissal so please donate if you want to see the vote to leave the EU enacted.

The grounds for this judicial review draw on the precedent set by Gina Millers court victory which confirmed that  the government had to pass an act of parliament to trigger Article 50 in the first place and that any further changes required Parliamentary authority and a further Act. This has not been done and this means the  Government has acted illegally and that the UK left the EU on 29th of March 2019.


Francis Hoar is acting as barrister. He has a strong track record in successfully challenging dubious political acts and is confident of a sucessful outcome. The case is being brought by Robin Tilbrook, (Chairman of the English Democrats)

Robin Tilbrook said:- “I am seeking funding to raise the necessary money to bring this case, which is of vital importance to all those of us who want to see a proper full Brexit implemented, to give full effect to the Will of the English People, expressed in a nearly two million vote majority in the 2016 referendum.”

Robin Tilbrook.

The constitutional law set out in the Gina Miller case is, in my legal opinion, clear and unchallengeable that any attempt to extend the Article 50 Notice or to revoke it without a specific Act of Parliament will be invalid and unlawful. That would mean that if there has been a purported attempt to extend the Notice by agreement without an Act of Parliament that that would be invalid and therefore we would be out of the EU regardless of what the Government said we were.”

Robin continued:- “For once this is an opportunity to make history through the courts which I hope will attract enough support to make bringing the case financially viable.”

To donate to the cause, click here:

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