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PROJECT FEAR 3.0: How To Beat It Every Time

The propaganda machine is in full flow once again, warning now of the danger of a No Deal Brexit, and no doubt there are many out there who are feeble minded enough who will believe it.

However, the next time that you hear someone tell you how appalling it would be for the UK to leave the EU without a deal, please remind them of this and ask them to explain it.

Theresa May lies when she states that it’s only her deal, an ‘unacceptable’ no deal, or possibly no Brexit, that is on the table, as both Houses put through the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Act un-amended, and the House of Commons voted for it by a very large majority.

Pro-EU leaflets were sent to every British home, funded by the taxpayer.

The terms of that Act were clearly known to parliamentarians at the time, which is that all Treaties would cease to apply either when a withdrawal agreement came into force or on the two year anniversary of Article 50 being enacted.

The House of Commons in particular has voted by a large majority to exit the EU on that day. That is a decision which has been taken. Parliament has also agreed to a meaningful vote on whatever departure deal the Government finally presents, but crucially no provision was made for a meaningful vote on a No deal departure as that has already been agreed as the backstop position.

If Parliament votes down the deal presented by whatever Prime Minister replaces May, then we revert to a No Deal departure and Parliament has already enshrined that departure to happen on the 31st October, 2019, deal or no deal.

More remain propaganda.

When Theresa May says it is either her deal or possibly No Brexit then she is wrong, the only two options available are her draft withdrawal deal or a perfectly acceptable (for a brexiteer) no deal Brexit, unless they can convince you all to vote again before then.

Therefore the question is quite simple, can you please explain how, if no deal is so appalling, have Parliament, the Lords, the Government and the Queen all signed off on it as the default position?

It’s a very simple concept.

If the entire Establishment have already agreed to it, why are they now telling us that it will be a disaster? Are they actually admitting that they have put us all in harms way or are they admitting that every one of them are inept and shouldn’t be listened to then anyway?

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