REES-MOGG: Delaying Brexit Would ‘Allow Tommy Robinson To Win European Elections’

Tommy Robinson, as we have been reporting, has certainly got alot on his plate right now with exposing the BBC through the ‘Panodrama’ documentary. So, he maybe a little bemused to discover he could be about to be elected to the European Parliament, according to Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Mogg made the comments in his regular ‘Moggcast’ on Conservative Home. He said that Donald Tusk’s “special place in hell” jibe was diliberate and it revealed a deep-seated hostility to Britain for “blowing a raspberry” at the Eurofederalism of Tusk and Juncker who regard the Eurofederalist project of one European nation in almost “religious terms”.

British euroscepticism has previously been “mainstream”, where as on continental Europe, Rees-Mogg argued that it was mainly the province of “extreme” Parties.

He continued:

“I would be very concerned if there was a delay to Brexit then that would be a way for Tommy Robinson to win the European Elections.

If we go beyond July then there would be European elections and, with Tommy Robinson linked to UKIP in “one way or another” that would be a “free-hit” for an “extremist” to win them, he argued.

He went onto say that he didn’t think Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party would be “where the votes would go” in this eventuality.





  1. Jim R

    February 13, 2019 at 17:52

    Whilst I am tolerant enough of Moggie on Brexit issues, provided he backslides no further and I don’t really trust him (or any Tory) not to do so, he is not a friend of the ordinary person or patriot in this country.

    He is a member of a Parliamentary group which includes Soubry and others of that ilk, calling for Islamophobia to be made a criminal offence, which of course includes criticism of Islam and this in turn is a cornerstone of Sharia law.

    If we do get a clean Brexit, Moggie will go straight to near the top of my enemy list, and if we don’t he will go straight there anyway.

  2. caroline white

    February 13, 2019 at 19:38

    and I would vote for Tommy hands down over the shower of sh**e we currently have in Westminster trying to subvert, thwart, overthrow and reverse Brexit.
    We never even voted for a deal in the first place … Cameron told us the re-negotiations are going on now – NOT AFTER WE VOTED … Cameron promised us he would enact the result of the referendum the MORNING AFTER THE VOTE !!! … and 2.5yrs later Parliament is still stalling, dithering and delaying delivering !!
    Useless .. the entire lot in Westminster are useless and worse clueless !!
    They should do well to remember that we are NOT SLAVES OF MASTERS and our voices will be both HEARD and RESPECTED as Cameron PROMISED !!

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