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SACK THE SABOTEURS: Theresa May urged to boot out Pro-EU ministers from top jobs after Lords defeat

THERESA May has been told to Sack Pro-EU saboteurs” from top jobs in Government and in hated quangos following the Lords defeat over the customs union on Wednesday.

Whips in the House of Lords are ready to crush at two dozen remainer rebels, urging the Prime Minister to kick them from their cushy jobs in revenge for voting against the Government’s plan to leave the Customs Union.

The Sun reports that half of the rebels have roles in the government and are paid for from the public purse.

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Rebel Baroness McGregor-Smith serves on the Board of the Department for Education.

She is also a government Business Ambassador, tasked with bringing trade for Britain, but she’s voted AGAINST Britain.

Ex-Cabinet Minister Lord Deben is the chairman of the Government-funded Climate Change Committee.


Other ministers include Lord Green, Baroness Wheatcroft and Lord Willetts who serve as trustees of publicly-funded museums.

Rebel Lord Inglewood is the President of the taxpayer-funded Cumbria Tourism board.

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There was further anger from Tories after it was revealed that a Liberal Democrat peer, Baroness Bonham-Carter, continues to serve as the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Mexico, despite being a key anti-Brexit voice.

Last year, ex-Cabinet Minister Lord Heseltine was stripped of a government advisory role after rebelling against Mrs May’s Brexit position.

THERESA May should continue on her “Mad Dog” Mission following the Syria strikes and kick the rebels out of Government and their cushy government jobs.

If she wants to be seen as Pro-Brexit and fighting for Britain then she needs to purge these Establishment figures once and for all.

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She needs to look TOUGH on Brexit, and keeping these losers in the Government only makes her look like she’s against Britain and its future post-Brexit.

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