COMRADE Corbyn has finally broken his silence on Labour’s policy stance on Brexit. The leader of the Labour party has said that after consulting vasts swathes of his party he has come to the conclusion that they will back a second referendum with a ballot two options: Remain or No Deal Exit. 

His comments come after months of sitting on the fence regarding the issue of leaving the European Union. He has been hiding from the press for the whole time. He refuses to give interviews to the media – most likely because he doesn’t have a straight answer and his party’s stance hasn’t given anyone any clarity. 

Corbyn’s political career has historically been anti-EU. He voted against joining the union in 1975, against the Maastricht Treaty in 1993 and against the Lisbon Treaty in 2008 and has been a long term supporter of a referendum. His position is typical of what you’d expect of a marxist who ultimately view the EU as a capitalist project that benefits businesses. 

In an already muddled message he has made things even more confusing with this about turn. He is now supporting remain and the UK’s continued membership of the political union. Well sort of supporting… His position still remains unclear as Labour will also offer a no deal exit – an exit that even his own party doesn’t support. 

The party has sent much of the last year wrangling to establish a firm position on Brexit. The culmination of talks seems to have only brought about more confusion. Diane Abbott – a long term ally of Corbyn – celebrated the Labour party’s success on stopping the very hard brexit they will offer if they come to power in a tweet: 

“I’ve supported Lab Brexit strategy so far. Brave, principled, stopped hard Brexit”

Confused? Don’t worry. So are they. 

For Corbyn his position will be a hard sell. Labour supporters unanimously voted to leave. Everyone can see that his fudged policy is nothing more than a duplicitous attempt to cling on to delivering Brexit by offering ‘no deal’ on the ballot. 

The first issue is that we had a referendum and the result must be implemented, if for nothing else, the sake of democracy. The second issue is that if we were to have a second referendum then remain shouldn’t even appear on the ballot. It should read: No Deal Exit or Withdrawal Agreement. 

It is deeply disturbing that a political party thinks that they can over turn a democratic vote because of agreement within their own ranks. The ignorance of the mandate given by the electorate is unconstitutional and Corbyn has shown that he cannot be trusted and that he is an out-right liar. His campaign manifesto said that his party would deliver Brexit and his position undermines that promise. 

Our political parties are as divided as our nation it would seem. The broader issue presented as a result of Labour’s position is that it lays the foundation for a potentially catastrophic alliance between Labour and the Liberal Democrats if there was to be a general election. Both parties stance is to Remain in the EU and the only force that could fight their alliance would be Conservatives teaming up with The Brexit Party.

The concern for Brexiteers is that now if we fail to reach an agreement by halloween we could be seeing a remain hung parliament willing to overturn the referendum result.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Newspaniard

    July 12, 2019 at 15:00

    It appears to be widely forgotten that the Labour Party has now been infiltrated by the Marxist Momentum membership so whatever they say, goes. Don’t give me any of that “Democracy” cr@p Labour has become Marxist/Labour with the aid of Momentum and the brain-cell-short Antifa thugs.

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