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SOUR SOUBRY: Anna Soubry says Brexiteers have MENTAL HEALTH issues

SOUR Anna Soubry has claimed Brexiteers have mental health issues.

The Remoaning MP launched her vile attack on ‘hard Brexiteer’ Tory MPs, saying they would “destroy the party and the Prime Minister to get the deal with Brussels they want.”

Soubry said 35 of her fellow Tories had been “banging on about Europe” for decades in a way that was “not particularly good for their mental health.”

She added: ‘This madness has to stop. Now if we were in the middle of the summer I might say that it was an over-exposure to a hot sun that seems to have caused a collective outbreak in the Government of a form of madness.”

“Their inability to grasp Brexit and do the right thing frankly is now at a point where, as I say, it has got to stop.”

“In my party, my Government believes that somehow they can manage the 35 hard Brexiteers, who for decades have been banging on about Europe in a way that I think is not, at times, particularly good for their mental health – and they think they can manage them. They cannot be managed.”

‘Even if they were given what they wanted today, they would complain that it had not been done yesterday.

“For many of them it is a battle to the death, and they will not hesitate to destroy this party or our Prime Minister to get what they want.”

“They can see the prize and they will be damned if anybody is going to get in their way. The Government needs to wake up to that reality.”

A Brexiteer Tory MP fired back at Sour Soubry and said: “Anna Soubry is regarded by the parliamentary party, to a man and woman, as completely barking, so it is rich that she would say that.”

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