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TALKING BROWN: Man Who ‘Covered Up’ Rape Gangs Says Boris ‘Not Telling Truth’ 

GORDON Brown – the man who allegedly helped cover up Britain’s grooming gang epidemic has claimed that Boris Johnson is ‘still not telling the truth’ about a No Deal Brexit. 

The failed Ex-PM claimed that Boris is “still not telling the truth” about medicine and food shortages that would result in the event of a no-deal Brexit, despite this claim being rebuffed dozens of times. 

Brown claimed that the Operation Yellowhammer report looking at no-deal scenarios concealed the full truth about shortages to vital medicines and drugs.

During a speech in Edinburgh, Brown claimed that he had written to PM Boris accusing him of “dishonest claims” that underestimate the risks posed if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.


The attack on Boris is rich coming from Brown who allegedly urged Police not to investigate grooming gangs back when he was Prime Minister in the late noughties – leading to a mistrust of the Establishment and a prime reason why many voted to leave the EU – to send a message to the elites who ignored working-class towns and the social issues facing them across the country.

The Former North West Chief Prosecutor alleged that the Home Office under Jaqui Smith – reporting to PM Brown, ordered police to ignore grooming gang claims in 2008.

Nazir Afzal, told the BBC that in 2008 the Home Office sent a circular email to all police forces calling on them to not investigate the sexual exploitation of young girls in towns and cities across the UK.

Speaking on the Radio 4’s PM programme, Mr Afzal the former North West Prosecutor who reversed a Crown Prosecution Service decision and successfully prosecuted the notorious Rochdale rape gang, said: “You may not know this, but back in 2008 the Home office sent a circular to all police forces in the country saying ‘as far as these young girls who are being exploited in towns and cities, we believe they have made an informed choice about their sexual behaviour and therefore it is not for you police officers to get involved in.’”


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