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THE CHAPMAN TWEETS: See the ASTONISHING claims by David Davis’ former chief of staff

Former Brexit Secretary, David Davis

DAVID Davis’ former chief of staff has launched an EXTRAORDINARY Twitter takedown of his former Brexit Department boss.

James Chapman, who left his role at the Department for Exiting the Eu – due to his re-moaner views – has said he plans to launch a new PRO-EU Political party called ‘The Democrats’

File photo: Secretary of State for the Department of Exiting the European Union David Davis (right) and former chief of staff to the Brexit Secretary James Chapman (left).

In a clever PR stunt straight out of an episode of House of Cards, the former Brexit staffer had some very revealing facts about Davis.

He claimed Davis only worked THREE days a week and that he had Nigel Farage on speed dial.

(P.S. – It’s never bad to have Farage on speed dial, everyone needs someone to go to the pub with at short notice)

It seems since his complete and utter twitter meltdown – Chappers has bottled it and deleted his account.

Fear not, Politicalite found all those tweets and has reproduced them all just for you!

1. Horrifying the Slovakian PM:

Someone should ask DD about time he told horrified Slovakian PM “if you think we are going to pay so you can sell us your cars, forget it”

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

2. Being too close to veteran BBC journos Andrew Neil and John Humphrys:

DD was also relaxed about @afneil as they drink (lots) together regularly and his producer Robbie Gibb is a deranged Brexiteer now at No10

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

DD would never prep for @bbcradio4 as he knew Humphrys would do Brexit chums act then hector and interrupt @labour spokespeople #byebyejohn

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

It is totally inappropriate for Humphrys to conduct Brexit interviews. Mail has to be prised out of his hands and he holidays with DD

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

I won’t go on @bbcradio4 again until they replace DD’s Brexiteer chum Humphrys with the universally respected @carolynquinncq #wemarchon

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

3. Claims that Davis works a three-day week

Wish I could say the same for DD. He’s been working 3 day week since day one #byebyeconkip #thedemocrats

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

4. Acting “drunk, bullying and inappropriate” with Diane Abbott

I was with DD when he leered over @hackneyabbott. He was drunk, bullying and inappropriate #thedemocrats #wemarchon

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

5. Ordering someone else to make him plain ham sandwiches (no butter)

He can’t even make plain ham sandwiches (no butter) – an unfortunate woman in his private office has to bring one to him every day

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

6. Ignoring how existing trade deals with non-EU countries would play out

This is a lie. They all fall away as DD would know if he ever bothered to read his box #misconduct #thedemocrats #wemarchon

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

7. Calling up Nigel Farage….

Still got Farage on speed dial DD? #thedemocrats #wemarchon

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

8. …and demanding civil servants saved his number on his office phone

And he ordered appalled civil servants to programme it into his official phone. They refused #thedemocrats #wemarchon

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

9. Mistaking Michel Barnier for a “far-right” friend on the phone

Someone should ask DD about time he called @michelbarnier by mistake thinking he was talking to a far-right friend #thedemocrats #wemarchon

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

10. Taking six sugars in his tea, stirred in by someone else

Six actually – and it has to be stirred for him

— James Chapman (@jameschappers) August 15, 2017

David Davis has denied having Nige on speed dial, though admits to having his number. On Good Morning Britain, he referred to Chapman as “dear old James” and said:

“James did a great job as my chief-of-staff, but even the day he arrived he was a Remainer.”

David Davis responded to the extraordinary revelations on LBC, where he said:

“[James] he did a good job, he was a good chief of staff. I’m not going to criticise him, I just don’t do that, I’m afraid.”

At least Davis still has his integrity in check.

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