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Theresa, it’s time to go… it’s time to trade WTO

THERESA May arrives in Brussels this morning trying to salvage her Brexit calamity,  but we at Politicalite are saying to her “Theresa it’s time to go, we will trade on WTO.”

The Prime Minister is in Europe today hoping to resurrect her failed Brexit fraud after postponing the Parliamentary vote yesterday knowing full well it was never going to get passed by MP’s.

In what has been described on both sides of the political aisle as the worst deal in history, Theresa May was left with egg on her face yesterday after having to put the vote back.

The former Home Secretary has become a laughing stock as she has proved herself to be incapable of getting a good deal for our country and not respecting the democratic will of her people.

It was never a good idea to put a remainer in charge of delivering Brexit, she was never going to be able to get any kind of deal and the more this charade goes on it makes me believe that she never had any intention of delivering Brexit as the people voted for in the first place.

She is weak and spineless and over the past couple of years she has displayed that she hasn’t got what it takes to do any kind of meaningful deal with the failing political union.

As the PM is due to meet with top EU officials today including ale can Jean Claude Juncker who can’t even put his own shoes on correctly, leaders have told May that there is no room for further Brexit negotiations.

Lame stream media reports this morning that May has been warned that there is absolutely “no room whatsoever” for further negotiations as she tries to “rescue the deal”

Let’s be clear, her deal isn’t Brexit, it isn’t what the country voted for and it isn’t what is best for the country, it is Brexit in name only and is a victory for the globalists and the political establishment that we voted to break ties with.

It is time for Theresa May to go, time for us to trade on WTO, we need a competent Brexiteer who will stand up to the EU bullyboys and show them that Britain means business.

The PM is on thin ice, her days in No.10 are numbered and it’s imperative that she is replaced by someone who is capable of delivering Brexit as the country voted for it.

Brexit means exit.

It is time that the government delivered to the British people what they promised to, it is essential to democracy that the result of the referendum is respected and upheld.

We do not want Brexit in name only and all this theatre being played out has to stop.

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