THEY’RE NOT ALL REMAINERS! Meet the Working-Class 17-YEAR-OLD Fighting For Brexit

TEENAGERS in Britain today are either playing Fortnite, glued to Facebook or the floor outside London City Airport protesting about Climate Change with Exstinky Rebellion.

Politicalite however, found one young political activist that doesn’t fit any of those stereotypes and thankfully this political activist isn’t telling us off for driving a petrol-powered sports car. He’s bravely defying the odds fighting for Britain to leave the European Union.

Britain voted to leave the EU by 51.9% to 48.1% in 2016 and the biased Remainer media often tell us that Britain’s ‘Yoof’ would prefer to stay in EU – that isn’t true, and we found proof.

Meet Lee Sibley, the rebellious 17-year-old political activist who went from campaigning to get Homework banned whilst studying politics at Severn vale school, to campaigning to get Britain out of the EU.

He’s faced biased attacks from the local media in his city after organising a pro-Brexit event in Gloucester.

Lee told Politicalite that he was inspired to bring about change after he saw Brexit “being betrayed by the establishment and the media.”

Lee has even been hit with trolling by Remainers on social media, but this hasn’t deterred him: “As usual the trolls online are a comedic and very offensive and they resort to insults rather than facts.”

He hopes Brexit will give Britain freedom and wants us to be an “independent country again” adding “We should work with Europe, but we don’t want to be ruled by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats who do not listen to us… we are voiceless.”

Lee added Remainers need to “get over it” and added that “they should respect the majority.” that voted to leave the EU.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Arch

    October 13, 2019 at 22:45

    Well I’m also a 17 year old Lad who supports Brexit, UKIP and Tommy Robinson and you’d be surprised how many there are of me. We don’t go around on mass twitter rants or shout loud enough obviously.

    I will say though that I have met people my age who are clearly indoctrinated to the highest degree. I blame the schools. Shout racist and “your ignorant” without justifying what they say or even knowing the facts. But that trait is not exclusive to teenage leftists, all age leftists do that!

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