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TREASON MAY: Brexit Delay Dubbed ILLEGAL by Tory MP – Gov’t Headed To Court

THERESA May’s Brexit delay has been dubbed ILLEGAL by Tory MP and it could shatter Remainer May’s dreams of keeping Britain tied to the EU.

Top Tory Sir William Cash says that the Government COULD face legal action for delaying Article 50, the piece of legislation that breaks the UK away from Brussels.

Sir William said: “After hours of discussions with QCs and former judges, I believe the British Government’s extension of Article 50 is unlawful.

“For the Prime Minister to agree to such an extension in these circumstances is to knowingly use her power in a way that she herself believes would risk frustrating Parliament’s intention that the UK must leave the EU.

“This is legally beyond the pale.”

Article 50 was signed in 2016 – and Britain was supposed to leave on March 29th, but May bottled it.

May has now agreed TWO Brexit extensions, and now Britain is set to leave the EU on October 31st. A kick in the teeth to the 17.4m Brexiteers.

And Get this, the Maybot will now try AGAIN to push her EU deal BACK through Parliament, despite the fact it has been defeated over, and over, and over again.

The UK will also hold EU Elections in May – a clear sign Britain will probably never leave.

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