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TRUE COLOURS: DUP Backs Down on Second Referendum Threat



THE DUP has backed down on threats to vote for a Second Referendum on Brexit. 

The move came after claims the Northern Irish party had held talks with Labour and the SNP on working together to secure a Second Referendum. 

Some commentators warned that if the party had backed a Second Referendum – then the Nothern Irish party could face a possible referendum on Irish unification in the future. 

UKIP’s founder Alan Sked made the suggestion on Twitter writing: “The DUP is now threatening to vote for a second referendum. Having been ‘shafted’ by Boris, as they see it, they intend to shaft him. But they will shaft themselves in the process.” 


“One day the UK will havbe to decide whether there should be a referendum on Irish unificaiton.”

The DUP voted against the Government on the Letwin amendment, two days after they rejected Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal.

Mr Wilson said his party’s votes “were significant” in the passing of the amendment.

“It is far from the first time that DUP votes have been crucial on the issue of Brexit,” he added.


“In nearly half of all votes on the issue in Parliament, it has been DUP MPs who have ensured progress continued to be made towards our exit from the EU.

“The DUP wants to get Brexit done but it must be a Brexit for the whole of the United Kingdom. Our position has been clear and it has been consistent.

Additional reporting by PA

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