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TRUMP Backs NO DEAL And Calls Remainer May ‘Soft’

PRESIDENT Trump has openly backed a no deal in Britain’s negotiations with the obstinate EU, and has blasted Theresa May’s incompetence, saying that he ‘can’t believe how badly it’s gone’.

In an interview just before he flew to Britain, the US President said the UK should quit the EU without an agreement if Brussels refused to meet its demands.

He said Britain had to ‘get the deal closed’ and leave, and even suggested leaving without paying the £39billion divorce bill.

Trump and May’s relationship has always been strained.

If they don’t get what they want, I would walk away,’ he told the Sunday Times. ‘If I were them I wouldn’t pay $50billion.’

Tory leadership contender Esther McVey said: ‘The US President is right about the need for us to be serious about walking away from the EU without a deal. The fact that the US President is so keen to do a trade deal with us shows we have a more prosperous future outside of the EU.’

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg – who today also defended the President’s anti-Sadiq Khan tweets – said: ‘Donald Trump sees the strength of the UK’s position more clearly than some faint-hearted Britons. He knows how to win negotiations.’

Trump and Mogg.

Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith said: ‘President Trump is correct. I told this to Theresa May back in December 2017 – you can’t accept the backstop, you have to walk. But she said no.’

Priti Patel, the former International Development Secretary, said: ‘We should join forces with our strongest ally to secure our future outside of the EU – that means leaving the EU on our terms whether the EU likes it or not.’

Priti Patel with Politicalite’s Editor-in-Chief.

But Tory leadership contender Rory Stewart, who falsely promotes himself as pro-Brexit –  rejected Mr Trump’s advice.

Above a news story about his No Deal comments, the International Development Secretary tweeted: ‘That’s a no’.

In his interview with the Sunday Times, Mr Trump also said it was a ‘mistake’ not to involve Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage in negotiations, saying he has a ‘lot to offer’ and is someone he likes ‘a lot’.

GOOD PALS: Trump and Farage.

In a separate interview, Mr Trump told the Sun he believed Theresa May messed up the Brexit deal by being too soft.

He said: ‘I think that the UK allowed the European Union to have all the cards.’

‘I’m surprised at how bady it’s all gone’ the President added. ‘I told Theresa how to negotitate it, and she didn’t listen.’

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