WHAT YOU THINK: 82% of Politicalite Readers BACK ‘No Deal’ Brexit

POLITICALITE readers have given their verdict on Brexit and a whopping 82% of you back a No Deal, despite MPs voting against it ‘under any circumstances’. 

Last night, our Traitor MPs voted by 312 to 308 and rejected a hugely popular ‘no-deal’ Brexit under any circumstances, but the vote is not legally binding – so a No Deal Brexit could be possible, but an extension or ‘Brexit Delay’ is now much more likely.

We asked: “BRITAIN… Have YOUR say. Do You Support A NO DEAL Brexit?”

In a poll of 9.1k readers: 

82% said YES.

18% said NO.


One reader said: “I voted remain in the last vote but I regret it massively now and would vote Brexit if I had to vote again. I know so many ppl that share the same views and many old people too. Brexit and proud to say it.”

Danny Beecroft said: “The only option now is no deal and no money to Brussels. Invoke article 24 and leave on WTO. Once we have left we can then sit down and discuss our future trading relationships within Europe. It’s a very big world out there wanting to do business with us.”

Dave Ashcroft: “The Brexit debacle proves to me that we don’t have true democracy in the UK and the EU is looking more and more like a fascist group.”

Mel Tomlinson: ” Yes leave with No Deal. This has now become the only option. Our politicians have let us down woefully by failing to agree on the one thing they were voted in by the electorate to do ‘ Leave the EU’ . They have had two and a half years and all they could do was behave like school children. We need to move on and the 29th March 2019 is the time to do it.”

Alexander Smith: “Originally when I voted Leave at the time I was open to some sort of deal being struck between the UK and EU, provided that the deal did not contain any hidden catches that kept the UK tied to the EU in anyway shape or form. But now with the “negotiations” (if it can even be called that) dragging on for so bloody long, and everyone in Parliament showing their true colours, now I would much prefer a No Deal/WTO exit. I just wish they’d hurry up.”

David Shoemaker: ” When I voted leave I meant LEAVE. The EU has never had an Audit, what has happened to all the money we have paid in?
Leave now , even with a No deal. I don’t blame Teresa May for this mess, it’s our so called Politicians who LACK GUTS to stand up to the EU.”

What do YOU think?

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