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WILL OF THE PEOPLE IGNORED: Mainstream Media Blackout as Tens of Thousands attend Pro-Brexit rally in London

THOUSANDS of patriots gathered in the capital today to mark the anniversary of Brexit and the media has been pushing the alternative anti-Brexit rally with Sky claiming that 100,000 people turned up.

There has been a total media blackout of the Pro-Brexit rally despite tens of thousands of patriots making their way to London to celebrate the second anniversary of the Brexit victory.

The rally, organised by UK Freedom Marches and UK Unity, featured prominent speakers including UKIP Leader Gerard Batten, For Britain Leader Anne Marie Waters, Robin Horsfall SAS Hero, Peter Whittle UKIP London Assembly Member and Janice Atkinson MEP.

There were other speakers on the day discussing freedom as well including Reece Coombes from Kipper Central.

The event said on Facebook: ‘The politicians and the establishment are betraying the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU. On the 2nd anniversary of our historic vote we need to send them a message by marching on Parliament.’

The BBC, Sky News, ITV News, The London Evening Standard have all been pushing the Anti-Brexit rally – Sky even got the Skycopter out – they don’t do that for a Free Tommy march do they?

At one point the BBC accidentally showed footage of the Pro-Brexit march, sparking condemnation and ridicule online.


Twitter user Graham Wilson said: “What that cock up actually proves is how BBC and rest of MSM manipulate the news to feed a political agenda. In this instance clearly manipulating what news is being reported and presented to favour the EU .”

Paul Williams added: “They must of had a trainee on who messed up as most of the BBC staff would have been waving EU flags at the

Martin Lovell suggested giving the pilot a ‘Medal’: “Give that helicopter pilot a medal, the newsreader did a good job ad libbing there as well”

UKIP leader Gerrard Batten also slammed the Mainstream Media tweeting: “After today’s Pro Brexit Rally in London the only TV station to ask to interview me was Russia Today. Odd seeing as the Rally was held outside the MSM TV stations at Millbank. There must have been some reporters on duty.”


If you have any pictures of the Pro-Brexit event, send them to Politicalite via Facebook or Twitter.



  1. Ann Higgins

    June 24, 2018 at 11:01

    So are you trying to claim that the Leave March was as big as the People’s Vote March? Given you’re complaining about the low numbers, clearly not.

    And if you are so certain that you are right and Brexit is going to be such a success, why are you so frightened of letting the British People have a vote on the actual deal rather than the fantasy we were sold before 23/6/16?

    • M Ashdon

      June 24, 2018 at 16:19

      Ann Higgins that’s a laugh, fanasty you say, what about all the doom and gloom lies that were told would happen straight after the vote leave won. In fact the complete opposite has happened in many cases.
      You ask why are we frightened of letting you lot having a second go at the apple, we are not frightened Ann it’s called democracy, we might as well keep having G E one after the other one a percentage of people don’t like the party elected, such as, we don’t want/like the Tory/Labour Party to to run the country so have another G E to get UKIP in. By having another go it’s pretty obvious there be a hell of of cheating going on by the likes of Cjeggy, Souby, Clarke and so on just like the the G E when we get students voting twice and ballot boxes going missing in certain areas of the uk then to turn up when it’s all over. Of cos there is also the dictators of Brussels putting their oar in, so no Ann we are not frightened of losing just the disgusting deceiteful cheating to get what you and many others want which is to stay in the dictatorship named the EU.
      You may ask why there wasn’t any cheating the first time round, I’ll tell you why, because the many were so cock sure the majority would vote to remain, that’s also why the spineless weak remainer T May took so long to trigger ARTICLE 50 AS NOTHING HAD BEEN PREPARED BEFOREHAND so it was down to T May to set the ball rolling and even then she dragged it out as long as possible.
      So Ann all in all us patriotic British people don’t trust you remoaners one tiny bit to be honest. Dies that answer your question?

  2. Jules

    July 4, 2018 at 12:32


    I don’t have a problem with a Referendum on the actual deal – as long as the alternative is No Deal.
    i.e we hae already decided to Leave, so the only Question is about the future relationship.

    Are you hoping that the “deal will be BINO ? (Brexit In Name Only)
    – where the UK still has to abide by all 22,000 EU laws
    – made by foreign bureaucrats and politicians
    – even though over 15,000 have little or nothing to do with cross-border trade
    – but loads red tape on to local shops, local tradesmen etc ??

  3. John

    December 9, 2018 at 18:06

    The real issue here is media censorship, our media and Politicians are corrupt, they hide and censor hugely important news items. I’m not the worlds biggest Trump fan but he certainly got it right about “fake news”. Soon the only truth we will get to know will be the truth they tell us to believe, TV, newspapers, and soon the internet, all censored and controlled. Make no mistake, these are the actions of a dictatorship not a democracy.

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