WRONG WORD: Terry Christian Mocked After Blaming Ikea Store Closure on Brexit

FORMER Radical Terry Christian was widely mocked online yesterday after the ex-Word presenter blamed an Ikea store closure on Brexit.

The out-of-touch and Jimmy Saville supporting former Channel 4 star tweeted: “More Brexit benefits ……BBC News – Ikea announces first big UK store closure.”

This was, however, as usual with the remain Twitterati, fake news… as the BBC report clearly stated.

The report said that the reason the Ikea store was closing was due to it making “consistent losses” since it opened in 2007, with fewer people visiting it than expected.

Brexit-supporting Twitter attacked the resident Remoaner, still bitter over Boris Johnson getting Brexit done.

Jay Beecher wrote: “You absolute moron lol. The store has been making a loss since it was built. Not bother reading the article?”

Sidney said: “The article doesn’t mention Brexit but does mention the store consistently being unprofitable. You are better than this, Terry.”

Whilst another joked: “I have a boil on my arse, I call it Terry, it’s because of Brexit.


It’s not the first time Terry has made a massive error of judgement.

In 2011 the ex-Word presenter tweeted his condolences to BBC paedophile Jimmy Saville, despite knowing about abuse at the BBC.

He tweeted: “Jimmy Saville has died, legend when Top of The Pops was in Manchester and thoughts to his photographer mate Harry Goodwin”

When the full extent of the Saville saga was revealed a few years later in 2013 Christian claime that he and “everyone in Media knew.”

He tweeted: “I knew in 1981, everyone in Media knew no shock.”

Stay classy, Terry.

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