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EXCLUSIVE: Meet The NEW #BLM movement… British Lives Matter 

A NEW Movement has been founded in the UK following the Black Lives Matter protests and riots that have rocked Britain. 

Following on from the All Lives Matter protest on June 13th in which thousands of patriots, football lads and British Army veterans took to the streets of London to ‘reclaim’ the capital from the marxist left and Antifa anarchists, the new movement hopes to unite black and white working-class people across Britain. 

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The movement was founded by a man named Rikki Doolan and he told Politicalite that ‘British Lives Matter’ hopes to “unite the divide in Britain” and he said the group welcomes “all people of all races” with an effort to “stand together and fight injustices and inequalities under the common identity of being British, living in Britain, or simply supporting British culture and heritage.” 

Rikki Doolan and his partner, at the All Lives Matter protest on June 13th in London

Rikki made clear that the British Lives Matter movement was in no way racist or far-right telling Politicalite: “The group is not racist, there is simply too much of an addiction in modern times with people accusing people of being racist with zero grounds to found the accusation.”

“For those who like the identity politics game Our founding members consist of one white northern English man, one black Zimbabwean woman, one black Portuguese man, one white Northern Irish man and an Indian couple. Whom all live in Britain, all respect Britains culture and heritage, and all want to stand together to fight injustices and inequalities.” 

Rikki Doolan (Middle)

The group said that they planning rallies and also planning to move around the country hosting smaller gatherings in a bid to change hearts and minds.”

We asked if the group was connected to the Far Right, Rikki said: “We are not connected to the far left or the far right, we are simply connected to common sense.” 

Rikki added: “The movement that the nation needed, for the voices that were being ignored. A unifying force.”

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For people who wish to donate and join the British Lives Matter movement, they can donate and sign up here.  

Follow British Lives Matter on Twitter


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