“IT WAS BEAUTIFUL ON THE BBQ!” British Lives Matter Founder Faced DEATH THREATS After Trophy Hunt

THE FOUNDER of a new working-class movement intended to bring black and white Brits together following the race riots across the country, faced death threats after posting a picture of an animal he killed in South Africa. 

Red meat eating British Lives Matter founder Rikki Doolan received threats after posting the snap on Instagram clutching a rifle over the body of an animal he killed.

Doolan said he was “surprised” by the reaction from leftie green activists with one telling him ““Hope God forgives you…I won’t.”

Doolan, who was a Christian preacher said: “People were saying vile human being, and there were death threats – people were saying this guy should be dead.”

The British Lives Matter leader took the snaps on a South African business trip.

“I knew there would be some type of reaction, but I didn’t expect it to be like that.” he told The Sun.

Many of his South African friends universally came to his support, claiming hunting was a way of life there.

Rikki tormented his haters, telling them “it was beautiful on the BBQ”. adding that it was no different from those who eat sausages from supermarkets.

“It was on an organised hunt on a game reserve, run by farmers on a huge amount of land who have raised the animals to be eaten,” he said.

“Just because they buy their meat from Tesco, doesn’t mean that animal isn’t raised to be killed.”

“Back in Middlesborouigh a lot of people go fishing and the first thing they do is pose with their catch – the only difference with this is mine was bigger.”

And Facebook friends jumped to his defence, with one adding: “This animal was killed in a more decent way than most meat in your local stores. “

He argued: “I definitely didn’t do anything wrong and it is something that has been done since the start of time.”


A NEW Movement has been founded in the UK following the Black Lives Matter protests and riots that have rocked Britain.

Following on from the All Lives Matter protest on June 13th in which thousands of patriots, football lads and British Army veterans took to the streets of London to ‘reclaim’ the capital from the marxist left and Antifa thugs, the new movement hopes to unite black and white working-class people across Britain.

The movement was founded by patriot Rikki Doolan and he told Politicalite that ‘British Lives Matter’ hopes to “unite the divide in Britain” and said the group welcomes “all people of all races” with an effort to “stand together and fight injustices and inequalities under the common identity of being British, living in Britain, or simply supporting British culture and heritage.”


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