British Yellow Vests

DAY OF ACTION: British Yellow Vests Announce LONDON Protest TOMORROW @ 1pm

THE BRITISH Yellow Vests have announced a ‘Day of Action’ in London tomorrow (Saturday, 15th December) with a meeting point at Parliament Square, Westminster at 1pm. 

The Facebook event page says “Bring your vest and join us!” The event isn’t party political and all are welcome.

Today, sixty protesters hit global headlines after bringing a mass rebellion to the capital.

They spent the day bringing Central London to a complete standstill to call for a true Brexit and to protest the Westminster Elite.

The group targeted Westminster Bridge, followed by Tower Bridge and then Waterloo Bridge.

Earlier this morning the group told Politicalite that they plan to bring even more cities to a standstill.

Activist James Goddard, who is part of the movement and targeted Westminster Bridge, just yards away from the British Parliament this morning told Politicalite: “This is just the start.”

“We wanna see people out on the streets challenging the political class.”

“We’re gonna bring cities to a standstill, We all need to start doing this”

“There’s no funding, there’s no leader or political affiliation, this is real people taking action, without the help of people who are high up.”

Tracy Blackwell was also part of the protest, she told Politicalite: “It’s about time the British people stood up to the tyranny of what’s going on in our Establishment.”

She added: “We don’t want another Josh, Harry and George to happen to someone else, and it will it’s not a case of if, its a case of when.”

“We the people have had enough of being used as cannon fodder by the Elite in this country,” said Tracy.

There protest this morning has faced a “media blackout” and has been largely ignored by Britain’s mainstream media.


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