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EXCLUSIVE: Goddard SLAMS Decision To Take Him To Court For Using “Hurty Words”

YELLOW Vest activist James Goddard returned to the capital this morning for his hearing relating to comments made about Remoaner MP Anna Soubry.

James was back in court at Westminster Magistrates after having his bail restrictions temporarily lifted so that he could attend the hearing and a pre-authorised meeting with his solicitor.

Goddard is facing harassment charges after approaching the anti-democratic MP for Broxtowe, Nottinghamshire, and calling her a “Nazi”

Soubry is openly standing against the majority of her own constituents that voted overwhelmingly to LEAVE the European Union.

James appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court to deny the charges.

The hearing had to be suspended briefly after several of his supporters and fellow Brexiteers began jeering and entered the dock beside him.

His supporters chanted “Soubry is Nazi” and “shame on you” from the public gallery.

Goddard refused to confirm his address to the judge due to the “vultures” in court, referring to members of the mainstream media.

James speaking exclusively to Politicalite said;

“this should never have been brought to court and that it was absolutely ridiculous that public money is being spent in this way over a few “hurty words” whilst at the same time it is perfectly acceptable for these MP’s to describe people like me as far-right racist thugs for expecting politicians to honour the political mandates that they were elected on and to respect the democratic decision the country made when we voted to leave the European Union.

He continued, arguing the case was a “abhorrent waste of tax payers money” and that it wasn’t illegal to heckle a politician on the streets of a supposedly free country.

James, 29, had his hearing adjourned until July 19th where his case will be heard in front of a district judge rather than a jury in crown court in what his solicitor described as another politically motivated decision.

Goddard was placed on bail again for a further four months and restricted from visiting Parliament and entering inside the M25.

Prior to his hearing in the capital this morning, James arrived in London yesterday and was surrounded by up-to ten Met Police officers that tried to rearrest him on suspicion of being in breach of his bail conditions, the attempt failed after their inquiries showed that he had been authroised to be in the capital.

The politically motivated attack on him continues.

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