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FAKE NEWS: Biased Bolton News COLLUDES with Labour Groups To Brand UK Yellow Vests ‘Far Right’

YELLOW Vest organisers in the UK have issued a warning after groups attempted to hijack the official Yellow Vest movement.

Yesterday, Stand Up To Racism and a Bolton newspaper promoted a protest that claimed to be a ‘Yellow Vest’ event and then the paper branded real fed up and left behind working-class Yellow Vests as ‘Far-Right.’

The Biased Bolton News falsely claimed that the event was a ‘Yellow Vest’ protest and claimed “political groups in Bolton will join together to protest the local impacts of racism and austerity.” despite the event not being organised by the UK Yellow Vests, and with fake news being one of the issues being raised by the official group.


BN added: “Overall there’s been an increase in the level of racism that’s been experienced by people, especially Muslims. The far right have really targeted Muslims and I think this government’s policies have created a hostile environment for refugees and migrants.”

Then the biased outlet added a statement from Alan Johnson of the ‘Save Our NHS group’ and said: “Despite originating as an anti-austerity symbol in Europe, the yellow vests have been worn by UK protestors, including far-right groups campaigning for Brexit. However, Mr Johnson says the Bolton rally aims to be closer to the French rallies.”

The paper did not quote anyone from the official Yellow Vest movement.

Earlier this week James Goddard, who co-founded the UK Yellow Vest movement with Tracy Blackwell in December 2018 exclusively told Politicalite that: “The UK Yellow Vests are a group of British people who have had enough of being ignored and abused by the establishment and ruling political elite.”


James added: “There is no leader and they have absolutely no affiliation to any other person or political group.”

It is wrong for the Bolton News to link the Yellow Vests to the left OR right and the protest in Bolton on January 19th is not an official ‘Yellow Vest’ protest.

In a statement, the UK Yellow Vests said: It has come to our attention that there are certain people trying to hijack our movement.”

“We can not express enough that the Yellow Vests are not a ‘group’ with a singular objective

”They are people from all walks of life who protest together about many different injustices.”

“People who stand together against government corruption and lies.”

We have contacted the Bolton News for comment.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mary Clarke-Baker

    17 January 2019 at 23:50

    Yellow vests are of all different people living in the UK are PATRIOTS who are sick-to-death of where our Country is heading and no respect for the people of this once great Country by MP’S/ elites/ Government. We as a Country of Patriots are being taken down, hence the Yellow Vests movement uprising. As a people, we know what is Right and what is wrong, and there are so many good people in the UK who want to see honesty and integrity in Government, for that is what they so admire and live ‘their’ lives by on a daily basis. Alas, that will never happen in politics. Go Yellow Vests, go, do your best to highlight the taking down of the UK. Being an elderly person, I can’t engage physically but know that you are all in my heart and in my prayers.

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