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British Yellow Vests

SOUBRY’S PUPPETS: James Goddard Has Bail Conditions EXTENDED by Met Police

JAMES Goddard has told Politicalite that his bail conditions have been extended by Met Police, despite the activist not being charged.

The news means the activist is STILL banned from London and is banned from protesting in or around Westminster – denying his right to protest and James believes Police will try to keep him out of London until the 7th April.

He told Politicaite: “I was told this morning that my conditions would be extended until the 19th February, I haven’t been charged but I’m currently considering my options.”

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Goddard, 30 confirmed the move on Twitter and branded the Met “Incompetent, useless political puppets.”

James added: “Extending my bail conditions until the 19th February, yet I still haven’t been charged!”

Mr Goddard, who set up the pro-Brexit protest group the “UK Yellow Vests” along with Tracey Blackwell was arrested in London at the start of a planned ‘day of action’ on January 12.

The protester has faced numerous attacks by The Mainstream Media, MPs, Police and Social Media firms and even had his Twitter account temporarily disabled this week, his account was later restored.

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The British mainstream media has falsely accused James of being linked to the ‘far right.’, Goddard denies this.

Last month, James spoke exclusively to Politicalite following the removal of his Facebook accounts and pages that were allegedly deleted, without warning after lobbying from British MPs.

He has faced visits from Prevent, had his PayPal account shut down – allegedly due to Yellow Vest political protests following an incident with Anna Sourbry MP, in which she was branded a ‘Nazi.’

He said that Soubry had treated him and others “with contempt” and said she “wasn’t verbally assaulted”.

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Mr Goddard added: “Why is it ok for [the left] to say it yet the moment we say it we’re the ones who are branded things and they’re going to investigate us?”

James has denied that he’s far-right and stressed that it was important for the public not to believe the blatant bias that the mainstream media churn out.

He insisted that the Yellow Vests were peaceful protestors and “would not be silenced into submission by the MSM or by the ruling political classes.”




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