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YELLOW VESTS: Police Investigate Activists Over Confrontation With Soubry

Met Police are investigating Yellow Vest protesters over a now infamous confrontation with Anna Soubry. According to reports, they believe a “public order offense may have been committed.”

On Wednesday, activists confronted Soubry accusing her of being a “traitor” and being “on the side of Adolf Hitler”. Soubry herself told reporters that the Met have involved themselves: “A senior officer in parliament then contacted me and he downloaded and watched the entire video and he took the view that a public order offence had been committed and they are now investigating.”

Maybe we should not be surprised at hyperbolic smears from a lefty paper but particularly concerning is this passage: “The group’s leader, James Goddard – whose use of the word “traitor” is the same term used by members of the far right to describe the murdered Labour MP Jo Cox – filmed himself calling Soubry a “disgrace to the country” because of her tenacious campaigning for a people’s vote.”

So, basically, anyone who calls someone a traitor is now bracketed with a murderer in the world of lefty thought police papers such as The Observer. Seemingly also calling a Brexiteer MP the ‘worst piece of scum’ is not a public order offense?

Clearly, following events in both France and Belgium have shaken the British establishment to the core and they are determined to smear the Yellow Vest movement.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. skipper

    December 24, 2018 at 06:30

    LEAVE – NOW!
    A traitor is a traitor, there’s no other way to describe one.
    Restore Britain as a sovereign country – British traditions and lifestyle – and put country and population first! Foreigners must adhere 100% to British traditions and lifestyle, or else they must leave.
    British lifestyle and traditions also means that islam has to be banned.

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