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BIZ HACK: 8 Time-Saving Tips and Life Hacks for Small Business Success 

UNLIKE large corporations that can employ hundreds of people to perform specific roles, small businesses don’t have this luxury.

This is because small companies have to work with what they have in order to get projects and tasks completed, while adhering to a tight budget. 

There are only so many hours in the day, which means small business owners may need to look at ways to speed up processes so they can concentrate on other areas of the operation. Here are some brilliant time-saving tips and life hacks that small businesses can adopt which can also reduce stress, keep everything running nicely, and push their company forward.

Invest in Cloud Computing

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Most businesses dish out huge sums of money on servers and other IT associated technology and employees. However, if small business owners invest in cloud computing, there is a great deal of money to be saved. This is because cloud computing is far more cost-effective than housing an in-house server. If small businesses allow third-party companies to control their cloud computing, there is no need for an IT team as well. Investing in cloud computing will free up more space in small business owners’ budgets.

There are an array of other benefits linked with cloud computing. These include high speed, automatic software updates and integration, data security, and scalability. Cloud computing also offers unlimited storage capacity, as well as back-up and restore data. 

Go Paperless

In 2022, more and more businesses of all sizes are trying their best to cut back on their carbon footprint. Small business owners in particular can benefit greatly from being more eco-friendly. One way to approach this is by going paperless. Rather than sending invoices and other documents through the post, send them electronically instead. 

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Small businesses can get their payroll set up on a paperless system. This means employees can check their payslips online, instead of having to look at a physical piece of paper. Going paperless can save small businesses tons of money, ink, and printers, as well as a great deal of money on postage. What’s more, there won’t be issues with delays. When going paperless, this enables business owners to manage documents better. If there are a lot of documents to sift through, merging PDFs using the best online tool can help save time and hassle.

Purchase Used Equipment

Small business owners may not have the funds and resources to shell out on brand-new office equipment. To keep costs down and save a great deal of stress, opting to buy items second hand is the way forward. Many companies that are going out of business host estate sales where all their equipment must go. This means small business heads can attend them and score computer chairs and snag desks at a much lower cost.

Regarding technology, there’s the option to purchase refurbished computers and mobile devices, rather than splurging on brand new ones. This is an excellent way to cut costs, meaning the money saved can be spent on other areas of the business. 

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Create Templates

For small companies who send out the same kind of correspondence regularly, it’s a great idea to create a template. This can be saved to the cloud or a server. When doing this, employees, managers, and the owner can quickly retrieve what they need to create invoices or draft letters.

Creating templates also saves a great deal of time. This is because all the sections will already be formatted and laid out. The only task employees will need to do is fill out each section, instead of having to do everything from scratch.

Record Everything

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Sitting in meetings, conference calls, or interviews can make it difficult to take the right notes. If the meeting runs over schedule, it’s incredibly easy to lose focus and concentration. This means once everything is over, there is the very possibility of forgetting important things that were said. Even if notes are scribbled down on a piece of paper, when looking back at them afterwards, it may be hard to read the writing.

One of the best things small business owners can do to save time is to record each meeting or interview. This means the owner and employees can easily rewind and actually hear what was said, rather than having to look at notes. For those who were not in attendance, they too can download the recording and get up to date.

Use Distraction Tools

When using equipment like computers and laptops, it’s easy for employees to get distracted. This isn’t only a waste of time butcan greatly hinder productivity levels throughout the organisation. Rather than wasting time on things that aren’t important, there are tools that can be used to help everyone stay on track.

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For instance, self-control tools allow business owners to block certain websites on work computers. One of the best features of such tools is the ability to block websites for a specific amount of time. This can range between 1 hour and 24 hours. While it may sound like an extreme measure, if there has been a dip in productivity and efficiency, this can hinder work performance and cause a business to derail. Therefore, considering using distraction tools can immensely benefit small businesses across the board.

Avoid Multitasking

Only a select few can multitask effectively. The vast majority of small business owners will have difficulty handling multiple projects simultaneously. Therefore, it’s wise to stick to one task at a time. Multitasking can increase the risk of errors and decrease productivity. Unsurprisingly, multitasking is like a recipe for disaster.

Try not to get sidetracked completing smaller tasks. Instead, consider breaking up larger tasks into milestones. That way, they can be worked on in stages. This will increase the chance of completing the task quicker and lower the possibility of mistakes. If multiple things need to be completed urgently, ask someone else in the team to help out. Learning the importance of delegation will be a big help in this situation.

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Include Time to Rest

In many instances, taking a break saves time and results in greater productivity. Our minds, like our bodies, require rest from time to time. If small business owners don’t take a break, there’s a big chance exhaustion and fatigue will set in. This can lead to serious errors and devastating consequences for the business.

Having regular breaks gives small business owners the opportunity to relax and unwind. Whether it’s going for a walk outside, calling a loved one, or having something to eat, making time to rest will mean business owners can return to their desks feeling refreshed and ready to get stuck back in.

Running a small business doesn’t come without its daily challenges and hurdles. Between managing employees, handling administration, using the right marketing techniques, and chasing leads, there are a myriad of other activities that are vital for small business success.

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For business owners who don’t have the funds and luxury to employ others to cover specific duties, it may be all left on the owners’ shoulders. If this is the case, small business owners can make use of all the time-saving tips above which can help manage day-to-day schedules more effectively and ensure productivity levels are at their highest throughout the organisation.



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