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REVEALED: Four Unexpected Celebrities’ Coming Outs

IN THE EARLY 21st century, Western society aspires to be inclusive, and legislation is in place to protect human rights – especially individual sexual orientation or gender identity. Yet, whenever a celebrity takes the courageous decision to express that they have a different identity from the one the public has always accepted, it can become big news.

Often, the latest pop star, A-list actor, or sports personality to ‘come out’ provokes a feeding frenzy. Gossip in the tabloid press and social media goes into overdrive. If the average person in the street will accept that what people get up to in their private lives is their business, why should it matter? Of course, the true answer to that question is that it shouldn’t. But the fact that this subject can still generate headlines shows it can provoke reactions.

Online dating as a possible catalyst for coming out

The good news for celebs, and indeed singles from any demographic, who might be concerned about ‘going public’ is that they can easily conduct relationships in private. Referring to gay hookup websites will allow anyone to mingle with other singles in a discreet setting. Celebs have been known to target these online outlets because they offer a safe, secure environment where they can flirt and exchange direct messages with anyone they want. Nobody is ever judged in this relaxing atmosphere, and it also represents a level playing field where famous site users can feel free to chat with fans. For ‘Joe Public,’ this might also be a rare opportunity to flirt with the people they normally idolize!

Why do some people keep their sexuality a secret

This is the crux of the matter. Because some celebrities choose to keep their true self hidden, it does come as a surprise when the truth is revealed. There could be any number of reasons why they live a lie. A lot of pop performers sing about love and relationships, and for the majority, this means straight relationships. Most gay singers will be open, but some might hide behind a mask in case any of their fans are disappointed. Concerts might be held in more conservative areas, such as the US Bible Belt, where people are less tolerant of LGBT issues.

Heterosexual icons who turned out to be gays

Ricky Martin

The highly versatile Cuban-born singer/songwriter and sex symbol has gained legions of fans and is known as ‘the King of Latin Pop.’ Most Latino communities are Catholic and religiously conservative, but Ricky has never shied away from his ambiguous feelings. He has stated that sexuality is too complicated to be a black-and-white issue. Despite this muddying of the waters, on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on US TV, he announced he had proposed to his boyfriend, Jwan Yosef.

Lance Bass

Hailing from Mississippi in the US Deep South, he shot to fame with the boy band NSYNC, capturing the hearts of millions of adoring teenage girls. He came out in 2006, receiving overwhelming support from his fans. 

Wentworth Miller 

First making his name in the TV hit Prison Beak, British actor and heartthrob Miller has appeared in numerous films. Although he initially denied he was gay, he came out with a public condemnation of the way gays were persecuted in Russia.

Kevin Spacey

Spacey is one of America’s prominent actors, winning multiple awards and nominations. Although he was once linked with script supervisor Dianne Dreyer, since coming out, he has stated: “Everybody has the right to a private life.”

Many celebs like to cultivate the image of living a grandiose lifestyle. Rappers dripping in ‘bling’ love being portrayed in videos, lounging by the pool behind some multi-million-dollar Hollywood mansion. Film stars enjoy red-carpet events or might be partial to trying their luck in casinos. But when it comes to sexuality or gender issues, some prefer to be much less ostentatious and more guarded. For all that they enjoy the attention and accept that being in the sights of the paparazzi is an occupational hazard, they’ll cherish discretion in their private lives. They consider that what they get up to and with whom, behind closed doors, is entirely up to them.



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