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EXIT STAGE LEFT: People Power Pushes ‘Poxy Roxy’ Out Of The Big Brother House


ROXANNE Pallet, recently rechristened by fans of Celebrity Big Brother as ‘Poxy Roxy’, has left the House following a massive public backlash against her crying fowl over the playful antics of fellow housemate Ryan Thomas.

Pallet, who starred in ITV’s hit soap Emmerdale as Jo Sugden, accused Thomas of being a ‘woman beater’ following the former Coronation Street star dancing around her shadow boxing. He clearly did make contact but despite Pallets later claim it “really hurt” she was seen leaving the exchange giggling.

She then proceeded to complain vociferously to Big Brother who formally warned Thomas. Holes quickly appeared in her story. Ben Jardine who was evicted last night said that Pallet had told him a “totally different” story to the one shown in the footage of the event incident and commented that he “felt like a mug.”

Ofcom received over 11,000 complaints about the incident and fans took to both Facebook and Twitter to demand Pallets removal. During the eviction process the piping of the crowd noise into the House had to be cut as fans clearly chanted “Get Roxanne out”. Several Housemates lept to the defence of Thomas including Hardeep Singh Kohli, Kirstie Alley and Nick Leeson.

At this point Pallet who despite being engaged has been flirtatous with Jardine, including playfully sparring with him, decided the game was up and it was only a matter of time before she was ejected to face a wrathful public. Jardine said his head is “spinning” and called for some time to “get himself together”.

For his part Thomas has said his life is “in tatters” but he has however received strong backing from the public and his girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh who led calls to expel Pallet from the House.

Big Brother itself is facing serious questions about how it can have so seriously misjudged the incident when the footage clearly only led in one direction.

The show is no stranger to controversy and on this occasion clearly let a desire to appease a self-proclaimed ‘victim’ overrule sound common sense and objective judgement.

Roxanne Pallett will appear on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine at 9.15am and Big Brother at 9pm. 

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