BAPS OUT FOR BREXIT: Pornstar Offers Perky Pick-Me-Up

A BUSTY pornstar known as ‘Carla4Garda’ has thrown her support behind Tommy Robinson, slammed the government’s handling of Brexit, and pledged to strip naked in celebration once we finally leave the EU.

Talking exclusively to Politicalite, the stunning red-haired vixen who shot to social media fame over a series of films showing her having public sex with Irish police officers, spoke of her admiration for Tommy, her past of forcing Muslim grooming gangs out of her area, and promised to visit the Politicalite HQ and strip stark naked in front of the staff should a deal finally be struck that honours the result of the referendum.

If they finally get on with Brexit like they should have ages ago, I’ll be down there in a shot whipping my t*ts out” said Carla. “And everything else. They drop the delay and I’ll drop my knickers”.

Courtesy of Carla4Garda.

Although she holds some reservations about Brexit, Carla is an advocate for democracy.

“I believe that the people voted to leave and that should have been respected” she said. “I would like to see an end to Spanish fishing boats coming here to Ireland taking as much fish as they bloody well like, mocking the Irish fishermen that are scrutinized like criminals when they dock, and the Spanish smile because they don’t get weighed or checked. That’s really sad. I know this goes on in British waters too. It’s unsustainable. I have my worries but I respect the vote. I hope it works out, but it’s the biggest mess in British history.”

“But over all I do believe it’s what the people voted for should be given, they’ve had three years to sort this sh*t out. Instead of taking their summer breaks, the powers that be should have been working on these agreements”.

Asked why she supports Robinson, Carla said:

I’ve been interested in him since I learnt about him exposing the rape gangs. I have personal experience of being a victim myself.”

In adolescence, partly due to her own experiences of which Politicalite will be covering in another exclusive interview next week, Carla has been a staunch advocate for grooming gangs to be brought to justice,

My ex and a few others started to take things into their own hand with local groomers. This was a cluster of rural villages in west Yorkshire. In kirkburton kirklees district me and 3 lads visited a take away at closing time. I acted as the driver. There was a girl that was a sister to one of the lads who was 15 and was spending time in this place getting piled with E’s and coke and drink. The girls were pulled out and placed into another car while the lads I were with smashed the take away up with baseball bats and other tools. They were ran out of the area and the takeaway was shut down.”

Courtesy of Carla4Garda.

But the groomers, as Carla told us, made a big mistake.

They came back and came to Skelmanthorpe and set up a take away next door to me. I didn’t know who they were when they first opened up. But I started noticing young white girls hanging about and then I knew it. I could hear the music, the girls laughing and squealing.”

After closing time, because I was a bit of a sesh head myself, I was always up late, and I saw the girls getting dropped home in some right states.”

I called the police and as usual nothing was done. Then one evening there was a carry on out side and it was my friends late teenage son giving out to the lads from the shop. She was shouting something about his girlfriend and going mental. Then the Pakistani guy went in and came back out with a knuckle duster on and threatened that lad. Anyway, I got to my ex and told him what was going on. 2 days later we had almost every Dad in the village calling them out. Again the shop was smashed up and they were run out of the village.”

I’ve seen Jihadi rape in different angles in my life and I feel like no one was there for us. Tommy is my voice. Tommy speaks for me and the other survivors, and I also love the passion he has for our country,”

Like everyone else, I used to believe the media and think he was a racist until I started actually listening to him.”

I think he’s very articulate and gets his point over very clearly and I can’t see how this gets so mixed up”.

Courtesy of Carla4Garda.

Upon hearing the news of last nights disappointing EU election result, in which Robinson failed to become an MEP after being unfairly handicapped by censorship on social media and unfounded attacks in the press, Carla asked us to pass on a message to the popular campaigner.

Tommy should feel proud because of all these people that actually voted for him, I’d say half of them believed, just like I did once, that he’s a ‘racist nazi thug’. But he showed people that that is not true. The people that looked bad were the opposition. When interviewed they couldn’t give an answer or provide any proof.”

Tommy is a man that has seen the negative effects of the islamificaton of his town. I too have seen this in Dewsbury when I lived and worked there. Coming out of night clubs we had to put leggings in our handbags because we’d be spat at and called slags by angry Muslims. I’ve driven through Savile Town and had my car stoned. I’ve had abuse thrown at me walking to the shop in my work uniform which was smart office dress, told to cover up and called a dirty white slag.”

This is not a positive, they preach hate in there centres. They want us dead. And the softies don’t see that.”

Courtesy of Carla4Garda.

I’m worried for my country just like Tommy is. There is a issue when you can criticise Jews and Christians but you can’t Islam. I hate it that women have to cover up. I hate what Isis have done to the Yezidi people. It’s a big issue for me, that. I followed Their plight from the day they were first pushed up mount Sinjar. How was this allowed to happen? All those women and girls sold and raped over and over all in the name of Islam. It’s worrying.”

“I’d also like to say that everyone from Rebel Media and Politicalite did an excellent job at reporting on Tommy’s campaign”.

Before the end of our first interview, Carla wanted to let us know about another crush.

By the way I really fancy Avi Yemini” she said, referring to the straight-talking Aussie activist and social media star. “I Love the pics of him in his uniform.”

We’d clash though” she added, regretfully. “I’m a vegan”.


To see more of Carla, you can follow her on Twitter: @Carla4garda or through her fan site:

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