BENNY BLUE BALLS: Social Media Star Vows Celibacy

BENNY JAMES, the outspoken social media star currently reporting on Love Island for Politicalite, has pledged to keep his junk in his trunk until he finds, in his own word, ‘the one’. 

The cheeky chap made the vow to let his tweets be the only thing going viral in a recent post where he stated: “No joke, I’m going celibate… I’m not having sex until I actually meet a girl I actually like and could build a future with”. 


Benny tweeted-out his promise to his large fan-base.

But not everyone was convinced that Benny would be able to stick to the pleasure-free promise, with some stating that he ‘wouldn’t last five minutes’ – which, give it a week of celibacy and the temptation of a romp in the sack, could turn out to be true in more ways than one. 

A reply from one of Benny’s followers on Twitter displayed some reservations.

The main reason Benny gives for his decision is that he wants to settle down and have a family, telling Politicalite that the type of girl he’s looking for is ‘a normal bird with pure banter’.

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